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Very interesting, Michael - thank you for sharing with us! Flooris Van der Walt  mentioned hitting barriers, especially cultural barriers, to implement throughout his entire organization after implementing Holacracy in the legal department.

I'd be curious to hear your insights on how you got buy-in from various parts of your organization to test out Holacracy as a “treatment.” In other words, how you went from learning about self-management within one office to getting buy-in to implement the experiment throughout the 600 person state agency.


Kathy commented on Striking the right balance between local and global

Interesting re-org and proposed solutions Pat - thank you for sharing. What do you think about the insights in this article (https://hbr.org/1996/05/making-local-knowledge-global) on creating "globally efficient and locally sensitive" organizations?

Daniel ( Scaling a wrap-around multi-organizational approach to comprehensive school reform ) and Julian Segal also raised similar challenges of balancing the global and local - they might be interested to hear your thoughts.


Kathy commented on Economic Stress on Employee

Interesting concept Vignes. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on how you imagine building processes and culture to get the jobs done. What do you think about the insights in the article below that structure is only one instrument of organizational change and managers can leverage processes and culture to empower employees, especially those at the front line?