Concord Materials, Business Track Co-Grand Prize Winner

Robert Lane (MBA 2021), Anthony Valente (MBA 2022)

Integrated materials management platform for construction operators powered by advanced ML algorithms embedded with a fintech solution.


Hive Health, Business Track Co-Grand Prize Winner

Camille Ang (MBA/MPA-ID 2022), Jiawen Tang (MBA 2023/MPA-ID 2021)

A B2B2C digital health insurer providing simplified, affordable, & and quality healthcare to Filipino employees through a data science-powered platform.


Shelly Xu Design (SXD), Social Enterprise Track Grand Prize & Crowd Favorite Winner

Shelly Xu, HBS 2021;  Ahmed Fardin,  Junga Park, HBS 2021

Bone Health Technologies, Alumni Track Grand Prize Winner

CEO: Laura Yecies, MBA 1988

Safe, effective treatment to prevent Osteoporosis.


Kudos, Alumni Track Runner-up & Crowd Favorite Winner

CEO: Amrita Saigal, MBA 2014

Cotton cush for baby’s tush.


Vocal Justice, Social Enterprise Track Runner-up

Shawon Jackson, HKS



MyToolbox Technologies, Inc., Business Track Winner

Wil Eyi, MBA 2019

Platform for construction workers


Hikma Health, Social Enterprise Track Winner

Jordan Lebovic, HBS 2020;  Senan Ebrahim, HMS,  Erik Grueter,  Zara Allkhateeb

Creates customized data management systems for healthcare providers caring for refugee patients.


Blueland, Alumni Track Winner

Gina Pak, MBA 2015, CMO

Taking the weight and waste out of your everyday products.


NomPot, Business Track Runner-up

Ed Arthy, MBA 2020,  Kasey Le, MBA 2020,  Neha Mathur, MBA 2020,  Zach Keeling, MBA 2020

Frozen One Pot Meals


Gramhal, Social Enterprise Track Runner-up

Vikas Birhma, HKS;  Pankaj Mahalle

Unlocks post-harvest services of storage, credit, and market linkage for smallholder farmers.

X-COR Therapeutics, Alumni Track Runner-up

Jayon Wang MBA 2018,  Brian Chang,  Steve Keller

X-COR Therapeutics is the lower-flow CO2 removal cartridge that saves lung failure patients, treating COPD and other acute respiratory failures in critical care and outpatient settings.


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hour72+, Business Track Winner

Andrew Rothaus HBS'18;  Abraar Karan HSPH'17

Our insect-repelling tech lasts 3 days (not hours) and will protect billions from insect-borne disease.


Umbulizer, Social Enterprise Track Winner

Hamza Khan HBS 2019;  Shaheer Piracha,  Sanchay Gupta HMS

Umbulizer is developing a low-cost, portable ventilator for patients in resource-constrained markets


Alpha Vantage, Business Track Runner Up

Olivier Porte HBS'18;  Steve Zheng HBS'18

Cloud-based platform democratizing access to financial market data for software developers and investors.



Neptune, Social Enterprise Runner Up

Noah Stern HBS/HKS 2018;  Flint Holbrook HBS 2018;  Nic Cain

Our sewers have a grease problem. Neptune is building a better grease trap to keep our pipes clean.


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Veho, Business Track Winner

Itamar Zur MBA 2017, Section G,  Matt Graham MBA 2017, Section E,  Keith Cheong MBA 2018, Section A

We are replacing those large delivery trucks (think FedEx/UPS) with a platform that enables anyone to deliver packages in their own car.


Flare, Social Enterprise Track Winner

Quinn Fitzgerald, MBA 2017,  Sara de Zarraga, MBA 2017

Flare is reinventing personal security by creating tech-enabled safety devices for women.


CozyKin, Business Track Runner-Up

Jeremy Au MBA 2018, Section C

For working parents seeking infant childcare, CozyKin pairs families to share in-home Montessori care by our network of tech-enabled nannies.


Juva Therapy, Social Enterprise Track Runner Up

Stephanie Tong, MBA 2018,  Qian Qian Tang, MBA 2018

Juva Therapy effectively connects mental health patients to the right providers for their needs.




Astraeus Technologies, Business Track winner

Jay Kumar, MBA 2017,  Joseph Azzarelli,  Alexander Blair, HMS,  Graham Lieberman, MBA 2017

The L-CARD: a better screening test for lung cancer.


UrSure Inc., Social Enterprise Track winner

Giffin Daughtridge, HKS;  Helen Koenig

We drive adherence to the HIV preventive drug, PrEP, with noninvasive, painless, cheap urine tests.


Getaway, Business Track runner-up

Jon Staff, MBA 2016,  Peter Davis,  Aaron Vomberg,  Sarah Ruehlow

Getaway designs tiny houses, places them on beautiful rural land and rents them out by the night to stressed out city-dwellers, from $99.



Confi, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Tess Brooks, MBA ‘16,  Polina Dekhtyar, MBA ‘16,  Montita Sowapark, Harvard College,  Nyla Fuller, Harvard Extension School

We create credible, fun online content on women's health/sex, plus sexual assault prevention events.


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RapidSOS, Business Track winner

Michael Martin,  Nick Horelik,  Kellen Brink,  Alex Santana,  Kaiying Liao,  Joe DiPaolo

Commercializing a suite of advanced communication technologies to revolutionize emergency response and communication.


Focus Foods, Social Enterprise Track winner

Julia Kurnik,  Geoff Becker

Urban aquaponics farm that will be a self-sustaining symbiotic fish and produce system.


Be Mixed, Business Track runner-up

Cristina Ros Blankfein,  Jennifer Ross

Natural and zero-calorie mixer for cocktail sipping anytime, anywhere.


Barakat Bundle, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Karima Ladhani,  Mitul Daiyan,  Shane Robinson,  Jyoti Ramakrishna,  Nayab Ahmad

A conditional newborn essentials kit that reduces infant and maternal mortality in South Asia.


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Alfred, Business Track winner

Marcela Sapone,  Jess Beck,  Saurabh Mahajan

Service layer on the sharing economy.


Saathi, Social Enterprise Track winner

Amrita Saigal,  Kristin Kagetsu

Provides affordable sanitary pads made from waste banana tree fiber to women in rural India


Booya Fitness, Business Track runner-up

Prita Kumar

On-demand video platform featuring workouts created by the industry's best boutique gyms and instructors.


Tomato Jos, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Mira Mehta,  Nike Lawrence,  Shane Kiernan,  Jared Westheim

Vertically integrated tomato processing company.


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Tauros Engineering, Business Track winner

Adrian Ross,  Alison Flatau,  David Flatau,  Tyler Flatau

Tauros Engineering is commercializing a revolutionary technology for the detection of “bridge scour,” the widespread erosion that weakens bridge pilings and has put some 500,000 bridges in the United States at risk.


Bluelight, Social Enterprise Track winner

John Ikeda, HKS;  Manoah Koletty, HKS;  Mustafa Khalifeh

Innovative consumer finance for the base of the pyramid.


Quickstor, Business Track runner-up

Rebecca Greene,  Todd Rudnianyn

This new venture has developed a mobile app to facilitate the process of finding self-storage facilities, now used by half of all U.S. households.


WAVE Hospitality Academy, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Misan Rewane, HBS;  Karan Chopra, HBS;  Navid Rahimi, HBS;  Bryan Mezue, HBS

Empowering youth in West Africa to access employment opportunities through vocational training.


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Vaxess Technologies, Business Track winner

Michael A. Schrader,  Anura Patil,  Livio Valenti,  Patrick Ho,  Kathryn Kosuda,  Isa Watson

Vaxess is working to commercialize a Tufts University technology that stabilizes vaccines into a thin film strip which can be shipped and stored without refrigeration, eliminating the need for the cold-chain. Vaxess strives to not only lower the cost of distribution, but also increase access to life-saving products for people around the world.


eTransitions (now Careport Health), Social Enterprise Track winner

Lissy Hu, HBS/HMS;  Kira Yugay, HBS;  Jessica Hohman, HMS,  Jonathan Helm

A web-based solution that streamlines the transition of patients from the hospital to post-acute care facilities.


RallyPoint, Business Track runner-up

Aaron Kletzing,  Yinon Weiss

RallyPoint revolutionizes the way military professionals connect, develop, and pursue fulfilling opportunities throughout their military careers. We do for the military what LinkedIn does for business.


SaferTaxi, Business Track runner-up

Jonathan Lo

SaferTaxi takes a successful concept from the US/Europe to Latin America. The company provides a smartphone application that allows consumers to book, pay rate taxis with added convenience as well as transparency. SaferTaxi aims to bring greater efficiency and safety to the existing taxi booking process.


Zumper, Business Track runner-up

Anthemos Georgiades

Zumper allows tenants to search for and close annual apartment leases in a much more transparent manner.


XinfuGo (now Tang Mall), Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Ying Chen, HBS;  Yixin La, HBS;  Qiwei Shi, HBS

A disruptive base-of-pyramid (BOP) retail and distribution platform in rural China.


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Baby.com.br, Business Track co-winner

Kimball Thomas,  Davis Smith

Baby.com.br is Brazil’s one-stop-shop for baby products online, offering the deepest selection, the lowest prices online and free 24 hour delivery. We're changing the lives of Brazilian moms one click at a time!


BOSS Medical, Business Track co-winner

Romish Badani,  Derek Poppinga,  Haim Gottfried,  Maxim Budyansky,  Neil Shah,  Peter Truskey,  Shoval Deke

BOSS Medical is developing a revolutionary minimally invasive device for the extraction of iliac crest bone graft during spinal fusion procedures. It will improve procedures by reducing patient morbidity while achieving gold-standard fusion rates.


SANA Care (Now JANA Care), Social Enterprise Track winner

Sidhant Jena, HBS;  Anshuman Sharma,  Ikaro Silva

Provide remote cardiac diagnostic services in the emerging markets, which account for 80% of global cardiovascular disease burden.


MyTeksi, Business Track runner-up

Anthony Tan,  Hooi Ling Tan,  Adeline Chan

MyTeksi has the vision of revamping the Malaysian taxi market by introducing simple yet effective low cost mobile based technology to both the supply (dispatch companies) and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain. By doing so, MyTeksi will improve the matching process between taxi fleets and passengers (similar to UberCab).


Qweek, Business Track runner-up

Roman Itskovich,  Anita Venkiteswaran,  Alexander Ginzburg,  Daniel Rubinstein

Qweek is a fully automatic cloud solution to workforce optimization and management. Qweek helps business achieve significant savings by breaking traditional rigid shift scheduling and using dynamic shifts to align workforce supply with demand.


Ubiquitous Energy, Business Track runner-up

Bart Howe,  Miles Barr,  Erdin Beshimov,  Jutta Friedrichs,  Nathan Trujillo

Ubiquitous Energy distributes electricity to “off-grid” communities worldwide via low-cost paper solar panels that are easy to use and can be interconnected over time.


The Watt Campaign, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Luke Winston, HBS;  Rony Kubat,  Stephen Elliott, HBS

Mobilizes high school students to jumpstart effective energy efficiency initiatives in their schools and communities.


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Oscomp Systems, Business Track winner

Shantanu Agarwal,  Pedro Tomas Santos,  Emmanuel Magani

OsComp Systems is commercializing a revolutionary gas compressor technology developed in conjunction with MIT that offers low capex and opex costs, high efficiency, high power density, easy serviceability, and few moving parts. OsComp’s beachhead market is the wellhead compression market ($2.4B/yr in 2008 and growing @ 10%/annum).


Urban Water Partners, Social Enterprise Track winner

Porter Jones, HBS;  Jason Young,  Justin Iwasaki,  Aaron Matto, HBS;  Ajay Kori, HBS

Lease slow sand water filters to Water Vendors in Dar es Salaam to provide them the added service capability of selling clean drinking water.


Birchbox, Business Track runner-up

Hayley Barna,  Katia Ververis

Birchbox is a new concept in beauty retail: fruit of the month meets Sephora, meets Allure.com. It is a monthly box filled with a curated assortment of the hottest samples from high-end beauty brands. The samples are paired with a website that includes an online magazine and store to purchase full-size products.


Palliative Care of America, Business Track runner-up

David Matly,  Michael Matly

Palliative Care of America provides the best quality of life for seriously and terminally ill patients by providing industry best-practice palliative care to hospitals through a cost effective, outsourced delivery model.


RelayRides, Business Track runner-up

Shelby Clark,  Nabeel Al-Kady,  Dave Brook,  David Schairer,  Rob Guinn,  Boris Mordkovich

RelayRides is the world’s first person-to-person carsharing service.


EcoSquid, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Nikhil Raman, HBS;  Saurabh Dey, HBS;  Kevin O'Boyle, HBS

Aggregates options for consumers to trade in or recycle unwanted electronics in a simple and efficient web platform.


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CloudFlare, Business Track winner

Michelle Zatlyn,  Matt Prince

CloudFlare enables websites to intelligently protect themselves from online attacks and to help clean up malicious botnets while receiving faster, more reliable and more robust network services.


EGG-Tech, Social Enterprise Track winner

Emmanuel Cassimatis, HBS;  Alla Jezmir, HBS;  Benjamin Lambert, HBS;  Jukka Valimaki,  Blandine Antoine,  Jamie Yang

Aims to provide a battery charging and swapping subscription to households in Tanzania as a cheaper, safer and more convenient electricity source.


Novophage Therapeutics, Business Track runner-up

Ann DeWitt,  Michael Koeris,  Tanguy Chau,  Tim Lu

Novophage Therapeutics will commercialize a new therapy to treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections that is more efficacious than current therapies using enhanced bacteriophage that suppress antibiotic resistance, to degrade biofilms, and to induce bacterial killing across a broad spectrum.


Vox Insurance, Business Track runner-up

Michael Newton,  Jon Altman

Vox Insurance offers American drivers a new choice in auto insurance.


YouTea!, Business Track runner-up

Alex Herzlinger,  Tina Wu,  Nimmi Roche,  Ashkan Kamali

YouTea! delivers an over the counter solution to a prevalent women's health problem.


Doodh Bhandar, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Siddharth Tata, HBS;  Shalaka Joshi

Transform the lives of 1 million rural poor in India by creating a market based solution to increase the productivity of their cattle.




EyeView, Business Track winner

Tal Riesenfeld,  Yaniv Fain,  Oren Harnevo,  Yaniv Nitzan,  Gal Barnea

EyeView's vision is to enable visual communication between businesses and customers. EyeView will develop and provide EyeCapture, the first web based platform that will allow its users to cost effectively provide high quality video guidance.



Diagnostics-for-All, Social Enterprise Track winner

Hayat Sindi,  Roozbeh Ghaffari,  Carol Waghorne,  Gilbert Tang, HBS;  Jon Puz, HBS;  Krishna Yeshwant, HBS

Point-of-care tools to address the diagnostic and clinical management needs of the global medical community.


Good Start Genetics, Business Track runner-up

Paris Wallace

Pre Conception genetic risk diagnostic company.


MyHappyPlanet.com, Business Track runner-up

Karen Ong,  Steve Davis,  Ethan Laub,  Todd Pinkerton,  Francois Gagnon

MyHappyPlanet.com provides a fun way to learn languages through peer-to-peer learning and user-generated language lessons.



Physica Solutions, Business Track runner-up

Jeremy Friese,  Carlos Jaramillo

Physica Solutions aims to start and operate office-based medical practices to provide minimally-invasive treatment for varicose veins.


Supply Solutions, Business Track runner-up

Kevin Sousa,  Jun Wang

Exploiting supply chain inefficiencies between the U.S. and China with a new business model.


Ghonsla, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Emmanuel Arnaud, HBS;  Monica Hau Le,  Zehra Ali,  Mubarik Imam

Straw-based insulation products designed especially for corrugated galvanized iron roofs in the earthquake affected areas of Pakistan and beyond.




Judicial Intelligence, Business Track winner

Sandra Nudelman,  Michele Nudelman

Tool to help attorneys optimize their litigation strategy by enabling judicial bias analysis.


Unite for Health!, Social Enterprise Track winner

Onil Bhattachaeyya, HSPH,  Lingling Zhang, HSPH,  Anna Chodos, HSPH,  Maria Fernanda Levis, HKS

Reduce the burden of heart disease in China.


India Info Village, Social Enterprise Track winner

Rita Singh, HBS;  Sanjiv Kaura, HKS;  Vishal Sehgal, HKS;  Shaunak Roy, Gyan Badgaiyan

Enhances market and government service access of rural India through and innovative “government-business-civil society” model.


C3 BioEnergy, Business Track runner-up

Tracy Mathews,  Curt Fischer,  Andrew Peterson

C3 BioEnergy will produce bio-propane for the $21 billion US propane market, offering the only economically competitive, domestically produced, renewable source of this clean burning fuel.


Clear Suppliers, Business Track runner-up

Paul Morgenthaler,  Alex Zhang

Clear Suppliers is a global supply chain infomediary.


Katherine Kwei, Business Track runner-up

Elenor Mak,  Ying Soong

Katherine Kwei is a luxury handbag company focused on creating pieces that are a mix of sophistication and edge, blending into the wardrobe of the well-heeled woman.


Charitable Donations Group, Social Enterprise Track runner-up


Raise funds for nonprofits by helping them accept and liquidate real estate transactions.




8baorice, Business Track winner

Tingting Zhong

An Internet for Chinese women which seeks to enrich the lives of women, teenage girls and parents through the offering of unique content, community applications, tools and interactive features


The Yashmere Company (now Shokay), Social Enterprise Track winner

Shawn Tan, HBS;  Carol Chyau, HKS;  Marie So, HKS;  Jose Dias de Barros, HBS;  Esther Hsu

A steady source of income to marginalized communities in China by bringing “Yashmere” (yak wool) yarn and products to the U.S. market.


Acillix, Business Track runner-up

Tanuj Deora,  Carol Chao,  Sue Mayo,  Alan Mattamana,  Tod Perry,  Elliot Zimmer

Acillix will deliver on the promise of biotechnology by revolutionizing the water treatment industry with our patented, low cost, environmentally friendly process for water demineralization.


Elective Medical Lending, Business Track runner-up

Boyd Bishop,  Simon Mattox

Elective Medical Lending (EML) is a service based sales and marketing company that creates a lending market for medical and dental procedures not covered by medical insurance.


Hepa Wash, Business Track runner-up

Nils Bennemann,  Bernhard Kreymann, Hepa Wash

Development and commercialisation of an efficient and affordable liver support therapy to increase the chances of survival for patients with chronic or acute liver failure


ONTV, Business Track runner-up

Jonathan Oakes,  Nathan Freitas

ONTV brings sustainable creativity to people around the world through the delivery of media distribution and commercialization technologies.


HeroesNow, Business Track runner-up

Jennifer Wilhelmi,  Rivka Spivak,  Valerie Valtz,  Allison Tepley,  Jamyn Edis

HeroesNow is your personal concierge online, linking customers who have a specific need and service providers who can satisfy their specific service requirements.


Souktel, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Jacob Korenblum, HGSE,  Jarrett Goetz, HKS;  Dan Dellenbach

Reducing unemployment among Palestinian youth and helping small businesses in the West Bank by establishing a cell-phone based job matching service.




Uplift, Business Track winner

Karen Grajwer

Uplift, through retail and Internet channels, will provide the larger-breasted woman with expert fitting assistance and a variety of fashionable styles especially engineered for the larger cup size.


OWL, Business Track runner-up


Sikara & Co., Business Track runner-up

Mousumi Shaw,  Jennifer Chang,  Katrin Ivanov

After 15 years of jewelry experience, Founder Mousumi Shaw, discovered a new market opportunity for a new jewelry & lifestyle brand appealing to changing demographics of women-self purchasers in the $53 billion dollar industry.


Travelguru.com, Business Track runner-up

Ashwin Damera Vonkata,  Jarad Fisher

Travelguru.com will be India's first one-stop on-online travel portal (similar to orbitz), which through the strength of its relationships with airline and hotel partners, will offer a wide range of travel-related services.



Liberty Health, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Claudia Wyss, HBS;  Christoph Reuter, HBS;  Bill Krause, HBS

Increase access to health insurance for the uninsured in the U.S.




Extend Fertility, Business Track winner

Christy Jones,  Yu-jin Kim,  Laetitia Pichot,  Nadia Campbell,  Tatyana Daniels

Extend Fertility is dedicated to enriching the lives of women through revolutionary science and service that effectively slows down the biological clock.


Sun Edison, Social Enterprise Track winner

Brian Robertson, HBS;  Claire Broido

Owner and operator of solar power generation assets in the U.S.A.


Fortify Systems, Business Track runner-up

Dan Stone,  David Tom,  Francis Quek

Fortify Systems is the first company to develop a dedicated corporate governance solution to address the needs of small-cap public and institutionally funded private companies.


Lean Forward Media, Business Track runner-up

Prita Uppal,  Michelle Crames,  Jeff Norton

Lean Forward Media will revolutionize the world of children’s entertainment by creating interactive DVDs based on one of the top selling kids book series of all time.


Sapphire, Business Track runner-up

Joseph Park,  Jason Liu,  Fai Leong

Mobile local information service provider.


Policlinicus, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Ed Kanalosh, HBS;  Shuhrat Kuziev, HBS;  Mark Schupak

Network of exemplary ambulatory service and training centers in Ukraine.




FBC, Business Track winner

Brian Hoskins,  Eric Hiller

FBC Systems software provides a design-to-cost solution for product design and manufacturing. The software can predict cost early in design


Gyaana, Social Enterprise Track winner

Raj De Datta, HBS;  Arvind Krishnamurthy, HBS

Eliminate functional illiteracy in India, partnering with microfinance and vocational training institutions.


Brontes Technologies, Business Track runner-up

Doug Hart,  Eric Paley,  Federico Frigerio,  Sheng Tan,  Ted Acworth,  Micah Rosenbloom,  Janos Rohaly

Jadoo Power Systems, Business Track runner-up

William Berger,  Larry Bowden,  Ken Pearson,  Lee Avikara

Jadoo Power Systems was founded on the belief that fuel cell technology adoption will occur through niche markets and by a disciplined approach to developing products based on user requirements.


TrialBridge, Business Track runner-up

Samir Patel,  Ethan Baron,  Rajeev Shah,  Amit Patel

TrialBridge develops Internet and software solutions which allow clinical trials sponsors


FoodSTOP, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Feyi Boroffice, HBS;  Opeyemi Boroffice

Efficient produce distribution system.




FishLogic, Business Track winner

Javier Segovia,  Patrick George,  Benjamin Vigoda

FishLogic is a fabless semiconductor company focused on designing programmable analog signal processing chips.


BEST Education Partners, Social Enterprise Track winner

Matthew Fields, HBS;  Lucas Klein, HBS;  Jason Green

Education management company, optimizing the use of school facilities by also offering after-school and adult education services.


Aprendo, Business Track runner-up

Mason Myers

Aprendo is a service that verifies job candidates’ prior education and employment data quickly efficiently and conveniently.


Empower, Business Track runner-up

Andrea Zapatka,  Richard Linder,  Paul Sternhell

Empower is a specialty merchandiser of useful “lifestyle” products for people with disabilities.


Music Games, Int., Business Track runner-up

Dana Soiman,  Henry Tam,  Igor Tkachencko,  Sasha Gimpelson

MGI is a company dedicated to developing high-quality interactive and educational games based on music.


The Respond Project, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

onya Tarnow Brown, HBS;  Charan Devereaux, HBS;  Michelle Dietz, HBS

Reproduce nationally the local success of Respond, a fundraising CD for a Boston-area shelter for battered women.




Potentia Pharmaceuticals, Business Track winner

Alec Machiels,  Angie You,  Scott Sternson,  Paul Ashby,  Jason Hong,  Martin Szummer,  David Darst

Potentia Pharmaceuticals addresses the post-genomic pharmaceutical crisis catalyzed by a market glut of inadequacy characterized, new protein disease targets.


Low Cost Eyeglasses, Social Enterprise Track winner

Neil Houghton, HBS;  Ashley Magargee, HBS

Scalable, low cost, available solution to meet the needs of the billion people in the developing world who need glasses yet don't have them.


Bluesolid, Business Track runner-up

Xavier Aubry,  Kimberly Lei

Bluesolid develops a suite of software application and platform components that will enable value-added services to be deployed on wireless local area networks.


Realtime Ops, Business Track runner-up

Lori Frutkin,  Brent Hodges,  Brian Reh,  Stephen Moret

RealtimeOps uses wireless infrastructure to capture information from the manufacturing plant floor and creates decision support software to enable improved decision making.


Twin Photon, Business Track runner-up

Bernie McNamara,  Justin Serrano,  Zac Walton,  Alexander Sergienko,  Malvin Teich,  Chris Adams

Twin Photon Inc. is focused on developing next generation optical test and measurement technology for the telecommunications market, utilizing a proprietary, patented optical process development by leading quantum researchers at Boston University.


Modulo, Social Enterprise Track runner-up

Juan Pablo del Valle, HBS;  Arturo Lopez, HBS;  Gerardo Ruiz Maza, HBS

Easy-to-use modular architecture to meet the mission of “building houses for the poor” in Mexico.




Bang, Business Track winner

Robert Rosin,  Robert Dreyer,  Tim Tuttle,  Sarah Boatman

Based on a revolutionary distributed network, Bang Networks provides leading Internet companies with a highly-scalable, real-time content delivery solution that complements existing distributed caching services.


3Plex (formerly Truck-it-now), Business Track runner-up

Tania Yannus,  Ben Gordon

3plex (formerly TruckitNow.com) is a B2B in transportation focusing on re-intermediating third party logistics companies –the 25bn high value added segment of the transportation industry.


Knumi, Business Track runner-up

Phong T. Ly,  Jayantha Dey,  Raju Sivasankaran,  Raheel Zia,  Subhabrata Sen

Knumi is developing a technology that enables rich media content providers to create and deploy a highly immersive and interactive end-user experience.


Sound Micro, Business Track runner-up

Wallace Pai,  Joe Ngai,  Albert Lee,  Wen H. Hseieh

To commercialize MEMS(Micro Elctro-Mechnical Systems) technology for developing a self-biasing silicon microphone.




Local Rewards, Business Track winner

Clinton Anderson,  Senthil Nagarajan,  Mike de la Cruz

Provides software to help localize the internet.


eBricks, Business Track runner-up

Tawfik Hammoud,  Nikitas Koutoupes,  Enrique Macotela,  Jorge Henriquez,  Gad Liwerant,  Tim Perini

An online building materials auction exchange.


OurWellness, Business Track runner-up

Adrian Fopp,  Guillaume Dufosse,  Radeim Rimanek,  Clemens Henle,  Youssef Ghazel,  Jeff Hsing

An internet play streamlining drug distribution in Europe and creating a health conscious internet community.


Suppliermarket, Business Track runner-up

Jon Burgstone,  Asif Satchu,  Brad Loftus

Improves the efficiency of supply chain management for mid-size and small manufacturing companies




Zefer, Business Track winner

Anthony Tjan,  Matthew Burkley,  Alexandre Scherer

Interactive consultancy focused on web-enabled strategy


Crimson Solutions, Solutions Business Track runner-up


InnerVue, Business Track runner-up

Richard Reimer,  Jeff Feldgoise,  James Verner,  Brenden Maher

InnerVue develops software tools for interactive 3-D stores serving the on-line retail market.


So Clean, Business Track runner-up