AKKO, Business Track

Eric Schneider (MBA 2022), Jared Brier

Never buy another protection plan again. Protect your phone + 25 items for only $15 / month. Coverage, Simplified


Garage, Business Track

Gwanyghaa Gana (MBA 2022), Cedric Foudjet

An online bidding/shopping platform for automotive parts with guaranteed 45 min delivery in sub-Saharan Africa.


Hue Beauty, Business Track Crowd Favorite

Janvi Shah (MBA 2022), Nicole Clay (MBA 2022), Sylvan Guo (MBA 2022)

Hue Beauty is a digital platform that helps consumers find their perfect makeup shade match and helps brands efficiently distribute samples.


Metric, Business Track

Megan Murday (MBA 2021)

Metric's software helps private market investors measure and manage their portfolio's environmental, social, & governance (ESG) performance.


Mudango, Business Track

Andres Ossa (MBA 2022), Roberto Picon, Ignacio Navarrete

We are an on-demand logistic tech startup in Latam that combines user-friendly tech products with truck owners, storage & freight operators.


riinx, Business Track

Anna Trepekli (MBA 2022), Ilana Springer (MBA 2022)

riinx is disrupting the medical aesthetics market, making it safer, more affordable, and more accessible for all patients and providers.


Afya Pamoja, Social Enterprise Track

Simon Debere, HBS 2022;  Helga Mutasingwa

A cost-effective digital patient feedback system for public healthcare facilities in Tanzania.


Thrive!, Social Enterprise Track

Omolara Fatiregun, HGSE,  Phillip Jones, HBS/HKS 2021;  Evan Little

Tech enabled racial justice.