Aday Technologies, Business Track Finalist

Rahkeem Morris HBS'18;  Rob Snyder HBS'18;  Giovanni Conserva,  Madeline Chapin

Aday is a SAAS product integrating hiring, scheduling, and training and designed for employers of hourly workers who require a total workforce management solution for a changing workforce


Alpha Vantage, Business Track Runner Up

Olivier Porte HBS'18;  Steve Zheng HBS'18

Cloud-based platform democratizing access to financial market data for software developers and investors.


Covr Hydrogel Technologies, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Vish Sridharan HBS'19;  Jason Dunn HBS'19;  German Parada

Low-friction, antimicrobial hydrogel coatings for medical devices


Laura Oller HBS/HKS 2019;  Ziad Reslan HKS;  Marta Milkowska HKS

Dignify matches refugees and locals in the developing world to globally outsourced digital work

Divaqua, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Jon Wofsy HBS'18

Divaqua is a specialty chemical company that provides innovative solutions to address the challenge of industrial wastewater management.


EmCasa, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Gustavo Vaz HBS'18

Tech-enabled Real Estate Brokerage that redefined the purchase and sale experience for half of the typical market commission, saving people's time & money and reducing stress & inefficiency along the way.


FastFloss, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Todd Joseph HBS'18

FastFloss is the comfortable, easy, and quick new way to floss all of your teeth at once.


hour72+, Business Track Winner

Andrew Rothaus HBS'18;  Abraar Karan HSPH'17

Our insect-repelling tech lasts 3 days (not hours) and will protect billions from insect-borne disease.

hour72+ Insect Repellent, Social Enterprise Track Finalist

Andrew Rothaus, MBA 2018,  Abraar Karan, HSPH,  Kenneth Rothaus,  Mike Milbocker

Our bugspray technology lasts 3-5 days (not hours!) and will improve the health of millions globally.

Local Locker, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Peter Smyth HBS'18;  Alex Hartman HBS'18

Local Locker turns unused commercial and retail space into low cost, convenient self-storage in the urban core.

Lullaby, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Clara Chappaz HBS'18;  Divya Agarwal HBS'18

Lullaby is a two-sided augmented marketplace for parents to buy and sell baby durable products without the hassle of other marketplaces.


Mozambique School Lunch Initiative, Social Enterprise Track Finalist

Cara Myers, HKS;  Raphael Awuku. HKS;  Roberto Mutisse

The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative links agricultural investment with school feeding programs.

Myos, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Rich Horgan HBS' 18;  Tracy Zhang

Myos is a biotechnology company developing a cell therapy platform to effectively treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal, orphan disease

Nalagenetics, Business Track Finalist

Levana Sani HBS'18

Nalagenetics aims to change trial and error prescribing, starting with Asia.


New Teachers Thriving,

Tyler Hester, HGSE,  Crystel Harris, HGSE,  Akash Wasil, HC

Too many early-career teachers are burned out. And then quit. Our trainings help them thrive.

Ping, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Jasmine Chen 2018

Ping: The app that nips emotional mismanagement in the bud


SHLD (Self-Healing and Loving Dialogue),

Andy Riemer HGSE,  Wil Cardwell HGSE,  Jenny Riemer,  Jhenna Voorhis HGSE,  Joe Gatto

SHLD provides teens with daily wellness tips and suicide prevention care through Snapchat

TOP-UP, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Sebastian Monroy HBS'18;  Allison Campbell HBS'18

The rewards marketplace where consumers in Latin America can earn mobile data by completing tasks for brands #MechanicalTurk4Marketers


Vincere Health,

Jacob Keteyian, HSPH,  Shalen De Silva, HSPH,  Ollie Osunkunle, HBS 2020;  Han Jin, HGSD

We help people get paid for digitally proving health compliance, while keeping control of their data.

Wash Day, Business Track Semi-Finalist

Poni Bepo HBS'19;  Diamond Richardson HBS'19

Wash Day is a chain of premium hair salons for black women.