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Learn more about our 2019 Social Enterprise Track semifinalists & finalists, and read the final press release on all three tracks of the 2019 New Venture Competition!

2019 Winner

Hikma Health

Creates customized data management systems for healthcare providers caring for refugee patients.

  • Jordan Lebovic, HBS 2020
  • Senan Ebrahim, HMS
  • Erik Grueter
  • Zara Allkhateeb

2019 Runner-Up


Unlocks post-harvest services of storage, credit, and market linkage for smallholder farmers.

  • Vikas Birhma, HKS
  • Pankaj Mahalle

2019 Finalists

New Teachers Thriving

Too many early-career teachers are burned out. And then quit. Our trainings help them thrive.

  • Tyler Hester, HGSE
  • Crystel Harris, HGSE
  • Akash Wasil, HC

Vincere Health

We help people get paid for digitally proving health compliance, while keeping control of their data.

  • Jacob Keteyian, HSPH
  • Shalen De Silva, HSPH
  • Ollie Osunkunle, HBS 2020
  • Han Jin, HGSD

2019 Semifinalists


A platform connecting clinical leaders to tailored knowledge and expertise to improve care delivery.

  • Ashley Shaw HBS/HMS 2019
  • Lisa Rotenstein
  • Margaret Krasne, HMS
  • Keizra Mecklai, HMS
  • Courtney Hart


Giving millennials access to debt-free capital to purchase a home.

  • Shapri Generette, HKS
  • Visraant Iyer, HKS


Joins storytelling & impact investing to support immigrant entrepreneurs across the U.S.

  • Andrew Leon Hanna, HLS
  • Kyrsten Lundh, HLS
  • David Mayer
  • Cason Kynes, HLS
  • Christian Holkeboer, HBS 2020
  • Adabelle Ekechuwu, HLS
  • Tre Holloway, HLS
  • Joshua Jacobson, HBS 2019
  • Basil Williams, HKS


A mobile application that enables Syrian refugee women and children to improve their health.

  • Aral Surmeli, HSPH
  • Matthew Hughsam, HSPH


Builds analytics solutions to help social enterprises make smarter, data-driven decisions.

  • Wladimir Nikoluk HKS
  • Stephane Roux, HKS


Protects mothers and infants by securing vaccines and uterotonics using novel sensing technologies.

  • Bright Simons, HKS Mark Doumba, HKS Dan Kwakye Andres Opoku


A smart companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently.

  • Andres Montoya, HBS 2019
  • Johae Song, HGSD
  • Lin Zhu
  • David Hojah, HSPH
  • Vanessa Cunha


SMS chatbot for health workers in developing countries to triage patients and manage supplies.

  • Amanda Waller, HSPH
  • Annie Wang
  • Lauren Long
  • Sheriff Bangura, HMS

New Deal Capital

Private Equity style investing in the future potential of adult learners

  • Conor MacKenzie, HBS 2020
  • Riju Agrawal, HBS 2020

Nexus Nutrition

Vertically integrated horticulture that provides an affordable, healthy diet to low-income consumers.

  • Ryan Madsen, HKS
  • Xuanyi Nie, HGSD
  • Angela Shields, HSPH
  • Francois Manil, HBS 2019


A diplomat for your pocket that automates human rights risk assessments.

  • Pradeepan Parthiban, HES
  • Arjun Bisen, HKS
  • Luka Caratsch
  • Ryan Jiang
  • Ori Pleban, HKS
  • Sahil Joshi, HKS


Our mission is to help people of high school and college students to overcome mental health barriers.

  • Ryan Golt, HSPH
  • Joe Gatto
  • Tiama Woolridge, HSPH
  • Gia Jung, HGSD
  • Samantha Wettje, HGSE