Learn more about our 2018 Social Enterprise Track semifinalists & finalists, and read the final press release on all three tracks of the 2018 New Venture Competition!

2019 Semifinalists


A platform connecting clinical leaders to tailored knowledge and expertise to improve care delivery.

  • Ashley Shaw HBS/HMS 2019
  • Lisa Rotenstein
  • Margaret Krasne, HMS


Giving millennials access to debt-free capital to purchase a home.

  • Shapri Generette, HKS
  • Visraant Iyer, HKS


Joins storytelling & impact investing to support immigrant entrepreneurs across the U.S.

  • Andrew Leon Hanna, HLS
  • Kyrsten Lundh, HLS
  • David Mayer
  • Cason Kynes, HLS
  • Tre Holloway, HLS
  • Adabelle Ekechuwu, HLS
  • Adabelle Ekechuwu, HLS


Unlocks post-harvest services of storage, credit, and market linkage for smallholder farmers.

  • Vikas Birhma, HKS
  • Pankaj Mahalle


A mobile application that enables Syrian refugee women and children to improve their health.

  • Aral Surmeli, HSPH
  • Matthew Hughsam, HSPH

Hikma Health

Creates customized data management systems for healthcare providers caring for refugee patients.

  • Jordan Lebovic, HBS 2020
  • Senan Ebrahim, HMS
  • Erik Grueter
  • Zara Allkhateeb


Builds analytics solutions to help social enterprises make smarter, data-driven decisions.

  • Wladimir Nikoluk HKS
  • Stephane Roux, HKS


Protects mothers and infants by securing vaccines and uterotonics using novel sensing technologies.

  • Bright Simons, HKS


A smart companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently.

  • Andres Montoya, HBS 2019
  • Johae Song, HGSD
  • Lin Zhu
  • David Hojah, HSPH
  • Vanessa Cunha


SMS chatbot for health workers in developing countries to triage patients and manage supplies.

  • Amanda Waller, HSPH
  • Annie Wang
  • Lauren Long
  • Sheriff Bangura, HMS

New Deal Capital

Private Equity style investing in the future potential of adult learners

  • Conor MacKenzie, HBS 2020
  • Riju Agrawal, HBS 2020

New Teachers Thriving

Too many early-career teachers are burned out. And then quit. Our trainings help them thrive.

  • Tyler Hester, HGSE
  • Crystel Harris, HGSE

Nexus Nutrition

Vertically integrated horticulture that provides an affordable, healthy diet to low-income consumers.

  • Ryan Madsen, HKS
  • Xuanyi Nie, HGSD
  • Angela Shields, HSPH
  • Francois Manil, HBS 2019


A diplomat for your pocket that automates human rights risk assessments.

  • Pradeepan Parthiban, HES
  • Arjun Bisen, HKS
  • Luka Caratsch
  • Ryan Jiang
  • Ori Pleban, HKS
  • Sahil Joshi, HKS

Vincere Health

We help people get paid for digitally proving health compliance, while keeping control of their data.

  • Jacob Keteyian, HSPH
  • Shalen De Silva, HSPH
  • Ollie Osunkunle, HBS 2020
  • Han Jin, HGSD


Our mission is to help people of high school and college students to overcome mental health barriers.

  • Ryan Golt, HSPH
  • Joe Gatto
  • Tiama Woolridge, HSPH
  • Gia Jung, HGSD
  • Samantha Wettje, HGSE