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Learn more about our 2018 Social Enterprise Track semifinalists & finalists, and read the final press release on all three tracks of the 2018 New Venture Competition!

2018 Winner


Umbulizer is developing a low-cost, portable ventilator for patients in resource-constrained markets

  • Hamza Khan HBS 2019
  • Shaheer Piracha
  • Sanchay Gupta HMS

2018 Runner-Up


Our sewers have a grease problem. Neptune is building a better grease trap to keep our pipes clean.

  • Noah Stern HBS/HKS 2018
  • Flint Holbrook HBS 2018
  • Nic Cain

2018 Finalists


Dignify matches refugees and locals in the developing world to globally outsourced digital work

  • Laura Oller HBS/HKS 2019
  • Ziad Reslan HKS
  • Marta Milkowska HKS

SHLD (Self-Healing and Loving Dialogue)

SHLD provides teens with daily wellness tips and suicide prevention care through Snapchat

  • Andy Riemer HGSE
  • Wil Cardwell HGSE
  • Jenny Riemer
  • Jhenna Voorhis HGSE
  • Joe Gatto

2018 Semifinalists

C3 Solutions

C3 is a carbon capture and utilization developer reducing emissions from industrial companies.

  • Amanda Li HBS 2018
  • Katherine Philips
  • Caitlin Trethewy HKS
  • Andrew Serpa HBS 2019
  • Dan Peckham HKS


CareZoom is an online platform with evidence, experts & advice for your healthcare delivery project.

  • Ashley Shaw HBS/HMS 2019
  • Lisa Rotenstein

Covalent Networks

Covalent Networks is a software platform designed for employer-led workforce development programs.

  • Andrew Knez HBS 2018
  • Matthew Delaney HBS 2018


EatWell makes healthy eating more available to low-income families with a 30-minute, 1-pot meal kit.

  • Dan Wexler HSPH
  • Priya Patel HSPH

Fontes Irrigation

Fontes Irrigation is an “on-demand” irrigation services business that serves farmers in Mozambique.

  • Cara Myers HKS


The $10,000 home. Hoom is the smart, sustainable solution for the global housing crisis.

  • Monte Desai HBS 2018


Use machine learning and novel data to maximize effectiveness of social and public programs.

  • Wladimir Nikoluk HKS
  • Michael Moszczynski
  • Yuki Asano
  • Juliana Castro HKS
  • Brendan Chia HKS
  • Regan Brady HC


Joro’s app helps people track their real-time CO2 emissions to make sustainability a daily practice

  • Sanchali Pal HBS 2018
  • Cressica Brazier

OnTrack Births

OnTrack Births utilizes India's extensive railway network to provide access to quality maternal care

  • Chrissy Kreider HSPH
  • Rahul Gandhi HSPH
  • Meg Krasne HSPH
  • Ramya Pinnamaneni HSPH


STEMgem is a IoT device toolkit that allows learners to build real, useful, and relevant technology.

  • Eva-Maria Olbers HKS
  • Larissa Nietner


We empower future college athletes to use sports as a springboard to a lifetime success.

  • Rebecca Feickert HBS 2018
  • Regan Rau HBS 2018
  • Ivana Roulhac
  • Timothy Erps
  • LaJoi Royston
  • Chrissy Hilger HSPH


UPON’s mission is to eliminate labor underutilization and increase women’s access to the workforce

  • Monica Saggioro Leal HBS 2018