Learn more about our 2020 Social Enterprise Track semifinalists & finalists, and read the full press release with information about the winners from all three tracks. 

2020 Winner


Provides a complete picture of a patient's health data across the continuum of care.

  • Sarah Schewe, HBS 2020

2020 Runner-Up


DreamworldVR is combating loneliness and helping to develop emotional and social intelligence for isolated pediatric patients using immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

  • Jean Jung, HSPH
  • Mayank Aranke, HSPH
  • Osaze Udeagbala
  • Jay Lee

2020 Finalists

Lucidity Health

Clinical decision support for frontline physicians in resource-constrained hospitals.

  • Tapley Stephenson, HBS/HSEAS 2020
  • Samuel Obletz, HBS/HKS 2022
  • Samantha Sanders, HBS/HMS 2020

Wala Digital Health

An innovative digital marketplace for blood donation, processing, and delivery.

  • Dennis Addo, HKS
  • Josue Chavarin, HKS
  • Anatole Menon-Johansson

2020 Semifinalists

Accion Colectiva

First advocacy lab in Mexico that combines organizing and online tactics to promote civic engagement.

  • Jose Gallegos, HKS
  • Alejandra Traslosheros

African Health Institute

Trains young Africans to address emergency and preventative health issues in their community.

  • Fola Alabi, HGSE
  • Toks Bakare, HGSE
  • Sipho Kargbo, HGSE

Clean Giving

We deploy technology and design to make giving to the homeless safe, personal, and empowering.

  • Lilli Beard, HBS 2021
  • Cory Gottfredson, HBS 2021


Catalyzes the next generation of community leaders through a new civic leadership program.

  • Jerren Chang, HBS/ HKS 2021
  • Nimisha Ganesh, HBS 2021
  • Florian Schalliol, HBS 2021
  • Casey McGinley, HBS/HSEAS 2021

Hand Hand Revolution

ML/CV-based software for learning and translating American Sign Language.

  • Diana Sinyukova, HBS 2020

Innovate for Africa

Trains, places, and supports university graduates in an innovation driven startup in Nigeria.

  • Margaret Wang, HGSE
  • Quadrio Oguntade
  • Franck Outtara
  • Alex Grady, HGSE
  • Shafira Dini, HGSE


Empowering families to save for college without breaking the bank.

  • Matt McCalpin, HBS 2020
  • Avis Atkins, HBS 2020


Platform for farmers to generate income from carbon offsetting by planting trees.

  • Chris Renno, HBS 2020


Prepares school boards to govern for equity through transformative learning experiences.

  • Erica Jordan-Thomas, HGSE
  • Danila Crespin Zidovsky, HGSE


Empowering communities through collaborative financing and construction worldwide.

  • Tiasha Shafiq, HMS
  • Nadyeli Quiroz, HGSD
  • John Wagner

Surge Employment Solutions

A workforce development and staffing company for formerly incarcerated people.

  • Brooke Wages, HKS
  • Sarika Ram


The Tang app allows Filipinos abroad to send money home and the receiver to use the app to pay p2p.

  • Rebecca Kersch, HKS
  • Kumaresan Rajeswaran
  • Anselm Dannecker, HKS
  • Marco Paz-Solano