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2017 Winner


Flare is reinventing personal security by creating tech-enabled safety devices for women.

  • Quinn Fitzgerald, MBA 2017
  • Sara de Zarraga, MBA 2017

2017 Runner-Up

Juva Therapy

Juva Therapy effectively connects mental health patients to the right providers for their needs.

  • Stephanie Tong, MBA 2018
  • Qian Qian Tang, MBA 2018

2017 Finalists

hour72+ Insect Repellent

Our bugspray technology lasts 3-5 days (not hours!) and will improve the health of millions globally.

  • Andrew Rothaus, MBA 2018
  • Abraar Karan, HSPH
  • Kenneth Rothaus
  • Mike Milbocker

Mozambique School Lunch Initiative

The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative links agricultural investment with school feeding programs.

  • Cara Myers, HKS
  • Raphael Awuku. HKS
  • Roberto Mutisse

2017 Semifinalists


adapptED provides the effectiveness of a tutor at the scale and cost of software. Siri for Learning.

  • Jesse Whelan, MBA '17
  • David Micley


C16 harnesses the power of synthetic biology to brew sustainable palm oil from microbes.

  • Shara Ticku, MBA '17
  • David Heller
  • Harry McNamara, GSAS
  • Andy Shumaker, GSAS


The easiest way to coalition build and economically mobilize Black and Latinx communities.

  • Patricia Alejandro, HLS
  • Adrian Perkins, HLS
  • Kristin Turner, HLS
  • David Azcarraga, HLS
  • Jameel Adeniji, MBA '17
  • Amauche Emenari

Family Forward

Helping families of Alzheimer's disease patients seamlessly manage finances and coordinate caregiving.

  • Katharine Bodnar, HBS/HKS '19
  • Deborah Pan, HSPH
  • Pinpairoh Dhiranetra, HLS
  • Matt Podolin, HBS/HKS '19


GIVZ will facilitate two-click donations to elicit more frequent, spontaneous, and social giving.

  • Andrew Forman, MBA '17
  • Aner Gelman, MBA '17
  • Jay Henderson


Joro is an app that enables users to track their carbon impact in real-time through their smartphones, making decisions that save money and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Sanchali Pal. MBA '17
  • Cressica Brazier

New Shores

Reimagining refugee resettlement for refugees and host communities through the use of matching theory.

  • Johannes Lohmann, HKS
  • Jenny Weissbourd, HKS
  • Max Bode, HKS

Planetary Health Watch

Crowdsourcing public concerns using big data to rapidly predict and prevent environmental hazards.

  • Ben Luxenberg. HBS/HKS '17
  • Yulin Hswen, HSPH
  • Pooja Chandrashekar, HC
  • Jeremiah Liu, HSPH


Skillist is creating a better way for community college students to find, apply for, and get hired into the jobs they want.

  • Ananth Kasturiraman, MBA '17
  • Kate Pinto, MBA '17
  • Caroline Fay, HGSE


Synapse provides social support for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) through a network of student chapters.

  • Alissa Totman, HSPH
  • Alexis Ball, HKS
  • Julie Kim


Trey uses data to increase transparency in college athletics, thereby improving the long-term well-being of college athletes.

  • Rebecca Feickert, MBA '18
  • Ivana Roulhac

T-var EdTech

T-var EdTech creates affordable assistive hardware and apps teaching literacy and numeracy.

  • Alex Tavares, HGSE
  • Nunzi Sapuppo
  • Amanda Zeligs Hand, HGSE

2017 Participating Teams


Altruisty is a two sided market place that matches skilled volunteers with students needing support.

  • Karla Mendez, MBA '18


'Anantara' transforms collector-only economies into craftsmen communities within India's forests.

  • Prathima Muniyappa, GSD
  • Aaron David Mendonca, GSD
  • Lena Mechik
  • Prabhat Kumar
  • Anirban Dutta Gupta, MBA '17


The first large-scale provider of affordable test prep services in Francophone Africa.

  • Ladji Kouyate, HKS


Bringing freshmen together across difference to build understanding and diversify social networks.

  • Lyndon James, HSPH
  • Katrina Keegan, HSPH
  • Laurence Bernard, HSPH
  • Shaikha AlDukhail, HDS

Cerita Buat Aku

Cerita Buat Aku is a digital e-book platform that aims to develop literacy skills in Indonesia.

  • Aaron Collett, HKS

Chinese a la Carte

Chinese a la Carte is an immersive game for language acquisition and cross-cultural education.

  • Katrina Hao, HGSE
  • Mary Adelaide Brakenridge, HGSE
  • Pei-Yu Yang, HGSE
  • Patricia Vanderbilt, HGSE

Community Care Connection (CCC)

Community Care Connection offers seniors an effective and efficient way to connect with quality non-clinical caregivers.

  • Caroline Pogge, HSPH
  • Erica Reaves, HSPH
  • Devvrat Malhotra, HSPH


Cycl is a foodsharing network connecting students with surplus food at US college campuses.

  • Jessica Cussins, HKS
  • Steven Weiss, HSPH
  • Elizabeth Ruth Wilson, HKS
  • Santiago Amador, HKS


Market and magazine that celebrates local farmers and food crafters and shares their yummy stories.

  • Chris Cheng, HBS/HKS '18
  • Chelsea Cheng


An app to encourage easy donations by engaged millennials to create a habit of giving.

  • Claire Chaumont, HSPH
  • Tiffany Chan, HSPH
  • Sadiya Muqueeth, HSPH
  • Jeffrey Glenn, HSPH

Full Circle

Full Circle creates engaging spaces in which children and the elderly can play and learn together.

  • Quinn Lockwood, HGSE
  • Zihan Li, HGSE

Fuse Healthlab

Fuse Healthlab helps biomedical researchers translate scientific breakthroughs into commercial successes.

  • Carlos Rodriguez, MBA '17

Generation Rising

Y-Combinator for budding politicians, including mentorship, funding, and training.

  • Benjamin Cohen, MBA '17
  • Chris Riklin

Grove St.

Grove St. simplifies retirement planning for professionals in social enterprises.

  • Matthew Hassett, HKS


Jaari is community empowerment app meant to help refugees leverage the power of the collective.

  • Cynthia Liu, MBA '17
  • Meghana Dhar, MBA '17
  • Noah Stern, HBS/HKS '18
  • Nick Simmons, HBS/HKS '19

Just Health 510

Just Health 510 empowers people to live a happy & healthy life with complete oral health care.

  • Ashley Cheng, HSPH
  • Raghbir Kaur, HSPH


Linxx accelerates millennial women's professional development through experiential leadership.

  • Jessica Kahlenberg, HKS
  • Iva Nikolau


The MyCollegeFit Mobile application transforms the way that students search and apply to Colleges.

  • Steve Desir, HGSE
  • Angela Jackson, HGSE
  • Santi Dewa Ayu, HGSE


We support the chronically ill and disabled with volunteer help and companionship from neighbors

  • Nija Jain, MBA '17
  • Kayka Oakley
  • Kristina Hristova, MBA '18


ONEE is designing smart fashion jewelry that facilitates and habituates bystander intervention.

  • Alison Lyness, MBA '17
  • Michele Choi, MBA '17
  • Aaron Whittemore, MBA '17


We connect students eager for diverse courses to empty seats in prestigious schools.

  • Florence Pi, HGSE
  • Brian Couch, HGSE
  • Christian Bautista, HGSE
  • Ben Snyder

Preschools on the Move

We deliver preschool education in converted buses in Dharavi slum (Mumbai).

  • Benjamin Scally, HSPH
  • Priya Patel, HSPH

Project Access

Project Access is a tech-enabled non-profit that fight inequality in access to top universities.

  • Nicholas Butts, HKS
  • Jenina Soto, HKS
  • Rune Kvist


RCImpact builds economic resilience in crisis-affected areas with technology & financial innovation.

  • Rayana Hossain, GSD
  • Chris Dylewski, HKS
  • Stratos Kamenis

Refresh Bolivia

We aim to construct a maternal & child care oriented community health center in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

  • David Lee, HMS
  • Akshay Swaminathan
  • Katia Samanamud, HKS

Teen Hood

Home-educational system that empowers homeless teen moms to become productive members of society.

  • Kofoworola Onagbola, HSPH
  • Jenny Tse, HSPH
  • Carolina San Miguel, GSD


Peer-to-Peer Microfinance Platform in Thailand.

  • Kayden Hoang Bui, HKS
  • Tansaya Benz Kunaratskul, HKS
  • Tiam Jaroensri
  • Ketty Lie, HBS/HKS ’19

Tinder of Ideas

iV: A platform that allows students to solve for real problems of our society.

  • Alkistis Iliopoulou, HKS
  • Santiago Amador, HKS
  • Georg Diez
  • Ingibjorg Gudbjartsdottir. HKS


Unbubble connects people from diverse demographics to develop empathy and broaden perspectives.

  • Abhishek Raman, HDS
  • Doug Shultz, MBA '18


Community-based website for groups helps pregnant women and new mothers get the support they need.

  • Suha Patel, HSPH/HMS
  • Shalini Subbiah
  • Rosibel Hernandez
  • Hayat Ahmed, HSPH


Affordable in-person primary care, unclouded by the stigma of insurance status.

  • Ravi Yegya-Raman, MBA '18
  • Natalie Guo, MBA '18


A platform that helps improve worker satisfaction in the retail and service industries.

  • Abhi Adhikari, HKS
  • Kumar Dangi