• Dec02
    • 02 Dec 2021
    • Both Tracks

    Early Application & Early Stage Feedback (for B-Track only) Deadline

    Early application deadline for the SE Track and deadline to apply for Early Stage Feedback for the Business Track. Please note that the SE Track does not offer feedback at this stage.
  • February 

  • Feb02
    • 02 Feb 2022
    • Both Tracks

    Final Application Deadline

    Final deadline to apply for either track of the NVC. SE Track Executive Summaries due.
  • Feb18
    • 18 Feb 2022
    • Social Enterprise Track

    SE Track Semifinalist Teams Announced

    All teams will receive feedback from preliminary round, and 16 semifinalist teams will be announced.
  • Feb28
    • 28 Feb 2022
    • Both Tracks

    Confirmation of Super Saturday Pitching

    Final confirmation that your team will present on Super Saturday.
  • March 

  • Mar05
    • 05 Mar 2022

    NVC Super Saturday

  • MarTBD
    • Social Enterprise Track

    SE Track Semifinals Judging

    Week of March 7 - exact date TBA.
  • Mar31
    • 31 Mar 2022
    • Both Tracks

    Finals Judging & Finale Event

    Judges will determine the winner and runner-up in each track. Details about the live finale event TBA.