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If you are interested in joining a team for the HBS New Venture Competition, please download the NVC Find a Team spreadsheet. If you are looking for team members and would like to be added to the spreadsheet, please complete this survey.

2019 Winner

MyToolbox Technologies, Inc.

Platform for construction workers

  • Wil Eyi, MBA 2019

2019 Runner-Up


Frozen One Pot Meals

  • Ed Arthy, MBA 2020
  • Kasey Le, MBA 2020
  • Neha Mathur, MBA 2020
  • Zach Keeling, MBA 2020

2019 Finalists


SaaS platform for collaboration and design for Ees.

  • Valentina Toll Villagra, MBA 2020
  • Kyle Dumont, MBA 2020

AlmaPact Inc.

Student loan space; Income sharing agreements

  • Kelly Shaw, MBA 2020
  • Tess Michaels, MBA 2020

Flotherm, Inc

Medical device for warming

  • Abhinav Ramani, MBA 2019


Local Government SAAS

  • Nikhil Agarwal, MBA 2020
  • Christopher Abkarians, MBA 2020

Rupiah Token

Stable Coin for Indonesia

  • Jeth Soetoyo, MBA 2019


Automatic Smoothie machine

  • Pascal Kriesche, MBA 2019