Business Track Judging

Super Saturday is the first round of live judging of Student Business Track. The judges for this round of the Business track are venture capitalists, past winners and Rock Venture Partners, serial founders and angel investors. These investors are looking for ideas that have potential to become the next big idea with significant economic impact. Companies may also have a social mission but are primarily focused on building high-growth profit-oriented businesses.

Semi Final and Finals Judges are Managing Directors and General Partners of some of the top venture capital firms in the US. Also included are some of the most successful HBS entrepreneurs from top companies.

Judging criteria is focused on Customer Value Proposition which includes size of market, competitive landscape, and clear differentiation, Economic model of the venture, go-to-market plan and the capabilities and background of the team. For a complete understanding of the criteria, please click here.

NVC Business Track Finals Judges 2020

Peter Bell

Managing General Partner, Amity Ventures

Patrick Chung

General Partner, Xfund

Dan Nova

General Partner, Highland Capital Partners

Stan Reiss

General Partner, Matrix Partners

Jenny Abramson

Founder & Managing Partner, Rethink Impact, LP

Kent Bennett

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Marla Beck

CEO and Co-founder, Bluemercury

Guy Miasnik

Owner and CEO, Miasnik Management LLC

Gwill York

Managing Director, Lighthouse Capital Partners

Terry McGuire

Partner, Polaris Partners

Rudina Seseri

Founder & Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

Josh Hix

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Plated, Self Employed

Jennifer Fleiss

Co-Founder RTR, Co-Founder Jetblack, Jetblack

NVC Super Saturday Judges 2020

Eric Boutin

Founder, CEO, Evolve

Frank Andrasco

Director, Honeywell Ventures

Gabriel Parisi-Amon

CEO, Nebia

Giovanni Carraro

VP, Data and AI, IBM

Grazyna Szymanska

President, Apeiron Synthesis, Inc.

Jeffrey Quillen

Partner, Foley Hoag LLP

Julia Kastner

Sr. Director of Product, NeuroFlow

Kathleen Healy

Investor, Launchpad Venture Group

Mia Duchnowski

CEO and Co-Founder, Oars + Alps

Paul Hayre

CEO, incasa Healthcare

Paul Nadjarian

General Manager CARFAX Service Division, CARFAX

Paul Conforti

CMO, Ocean State Job Lot

Paul Sweeney

Attorney, Sweeney Law Group, LLC

Paul Baier

CEO, Kezoto

Scott Healy


Val Livada

Principal, Great Dome Associates

Jeff Anderson

Exec Vice President, Game Show Network

Christina Bai

General Partner, JFX Ventures

Natraj Balasubramanian

Founder and CEO, Raptor300 Inc

Jill Becker

CEO, Kebotix

Ace Bhattacharjya

CEO and Founder,

Peter Bleyleben

Converge Venture Partners

Chandra Briggman

Director, Venture Cafe Cambridge

Bart Clareman

Founder-in-Residence, Antler

Ryan Davis

Chief Digital Officer, Main Street One

Renee Fry

CEO and Founder, Gentreo

Stan Fung

Managing Director, FarSight Ventures

Jason Furtado

Founder & CEO, Shoobx, Inc.

George Gong

Principal, Chain Reaction Boston

MaryAnne Gucciardi

Founder, Dragonwing girlgear

Kevin Johnson

Advisor, Reason8

Deniz Johnson

FinTech Executive/Founder, Pera Partners, LLC

Jennifer Jordan

Managing Director, PickAxes & Shovels

Tami Kesselman

Managing Partner & Chief Impact Strategist, Aligned Investing Global

Brent Kleiman

Founder & CEO, Argosight

Sean Lanagan

President, Enterprise Information Systems, CAMP Systems International

Lawrence Lepard

Managing Partner, Equity Management Associates, LLC

Juan Leungli

Partner, Tectonic Ventures

Alireza Masrour

General Partner, Plug & Play Ventures

Sajjad Masud

CEO, Simplicant

Bill Meurer

Chief Operating Officer, TrueChoice Solutions, Inc.

Christopher Mirabile

Managing Director, Launchpad Venture Group

Rajesh Mishra

Founder, President & CTO, Parallel Wireless, Inc.

Sascha Mornell

CEO and Co-Founder, GetMyBoat

Libbie O'Keeffe

Attorney, Hinckley Allen

Avani Patel

Founding Partner, The Ember Company

John Piret

Managing Director, Newbury Piret & Co., Inc.

Stephen Pittman

CEO, SD Pittman & Co. LLC

Vincent Ponzo

Startup Manager, AWS

Kathy Rocha

Founding Member, Pulpit Rock Investors

Heberden Ryan

Managing Director, Boston Post Partners

Erich Schumann

CEO, Global Atlantic Partners LLC

Andrew Schutzbank

SVP, Development, Iora Health

Dayton Semerjian

Managing Director, LPL Financial

Jon Staff

Founder + CEO, Getaway

Barbara Thornton

Founder, Asset Stewardship

Brian Tierney

Partner, Hinckley Allen

Lauren Toretta

President, CH4 Biogas

Lauri Union

Executive Director, Babson College

Danielle Weinblatt

Chief Product Officer, Entelo

Evelyne White

Co-Founder, CEO, SixPlus

John Wise

COO, Lovepop

Stephen Zamierowski

Managing Director, Deloitte

Lex Zhao

Partner, One Way Ventures

Susan Penta

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, MIDIOR

Phoebe Peronto

Head of Operations, Year & Day

Mark Haddad

Partner, Foley Hoag LLP

Abbas Berdi

Portfolio Manager, Chambers Point Capital

Gina Ashe

CEO, ThirdChannel, Inc.

Debi Kleiman

Executive Director, Entrepreneurship, Babson College

Monica Varman

Investor, G2VP

Jason Chang

Vice President, Avatar Companies

Anthony Soohoo


Caty Rea

Investor, Highland Capital Partners

Suelin Chen

CEO, Cake

Daniel Arnold

Founder, MRI Online

Hunter Ashmore

COO, Co-Founder, IndustrialML, Inc.

Gregory Bedrosian

CEO & Managing Partner, Drake Star Partners

Jacqueline Boltik

CEO, Yellowbrim

Don Burton

Managing Partner, LearnStart

Gabe Cunningham

Senior Associate, Fontinalis Partners

Alexandra Daum

Principal, Field Properties

Keith Figlioli

Partner, LRVHealth

Barbara Finer

Interim CEO/COO, QuiVivity

Tom Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Boston Financial

Brett Gibson

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

Dave Giller

Principal, Cue Ball

Susanne Goldstein

Founder & Principal, DareHUMAN (formerly The Accelerator)

Kanu Gulati

Principal, Khosla Ventures

Heather Hartnett

CEO & General Partner, Human Ventures

Aunim Hossain

General Manager, Cadre

Bob Hower

Co-Founder, G20 Ventures

Tiffany Hughey, CPA

Managing Principal, HCFO Group

Gaurav Jain

Co-founder / Managing Partner, Afore Capital

Amanda Johnson

Co-Founder & COO, Mented Cosmetics, Inc.

Madeline Keulen

Vice President, Victress Capital

Lori Langenhagen

Director, Golden Seeds

Jonas Lee

Managing Director, Verus Analytics

Elise Lelon

Managing Director, Plum Alley Investments

Ron Levin

Principal, The Yard Ventures

Peter Lombard

Managing Director, Piper Sandler & Co.

Mark Lurie

Venture Partner, FJLabs

Andy Macey

President, Prima Consulting

Varun Mani

VP, Advanced Research, PTC

Olivier Manuel

President, Rich Devices

Bryant McBride

CEO and Co-Founder, Bryant

KJ Miller

Co-Founder and CEO, Mented Cosmetics

Meredith Moss

CEO, Finomial

Shravan Narayen


Rochelle Nemrow

CEO, FamilyID

Anna Palmer

Investing Partner, XFactor Ventures

Kelsey Pasqualichio

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer, Nex Cubed

Chris Payton

Chief Financial Officer, Reveal Pharmaceuticals

Avery Reaves

Counsel, WilmerHale

Andre Rocha

Principal, Glasswing Ventures

Douglas Romanoff

Partner, Parameter Ventures

David Saxner

Co-founder, Longfellow Associates

Michael Schrader

CEO, Vaxess Technologies

Abhishek Sharma

Principal, Nexus Venture Partners

M.Cristián Shea

Partner, Equitas Management Partners

Caroline Sherman

Chief Product Officer, Quantopian

Tom Sperry

Managing Partner, Rogue Venture Partners

David Terry

CEO, Archway Health

Marc Tremblay

President, Fluke Corp.

Lynne Wilson

CEO (retired), Angel Investor (current), Sidecar Angels

Luke Winston

Chief Business Officer, Formlabs