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Ventures with economic returns that drive substantial market value.

Business Track

Social Enterprise Track

Ventures that drive social change using nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid models.

Social Enterprise Track

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Alumni Competition

Are you pursuing a new business venture? Participate in the alumni New Venture Competition through one of 10 regional competitions hosted by alumni NVC lead clubs around the world. The winning team from each regional competition advances for a chance to win +$105k cash prize at the NVC Finale in April.

More about the Alumni Competition
Who is eligible for the student competition?

Business Track: Participating teams require at least one Harvard Business School MBA student who plays a primary role in the business. The HBS student should be a part of the founding team and a significant equity holder, if equity has been distributed.

There is a $1,500,000 limit in seed capital raised and a $2,000,000 limit in revenue generated. Please view the eligibility page for more information.

Social Enterprise Track: Teams must meet the two following criteria: 1) include at least one student who meets one of the criteria listed on our eligibility page; 2) be composed of a majority of Harvard University graduate students, and these members must have meaningful roles in the venture and the Competition presentation.

Who are the judges? What are their backgrounds?

Business track judges will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including funders, founders, industry experts and executives, lawyers, , and other specialists deemed appropriate to understand the commercial viability of a business idea.

Social Enterprise track judges will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds representing a range of industries, including those from funding organizations (including impact investors, philanthropists, and venture philanthropists), capacity building organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

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