26 Feb 2009
HBS Hosts Colloquium on Alternative Business Models for Professional Service Firms
Senior Lecturer Robert Eccles

BOSTON — Harvard Business School's Leadership Initiative recently hosted "Alternative Business Models for Professional Service Firms," a colloquium aimed to begin a thoughtful, productive, and provocative dialogue on this topic. The colloquium took place on February 11th and 12th, and approximately 8o participants gathered at HBS to network and generate ideas.

Co-chaired by Senior Lecturer Robert Eccles, Assistant Professor Heidi K. Gardner, and Professor Leslie Perlow, the event included plenary sessions and discussion groups focused on providing practical insights and defining a research agenda.

The sessions, which were moderated by HBS faculty, included topics such as "The Client's Perspective," "Strategic Choices for Alternative Business Model Professional Service Firms," "Human Capital Strategies," and the "Role of Information Technology." A full list of the schedule is available here.

Professor Leslie Perlow

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Assistant Professor Heidi K. Gardner