20 May 2008

Harvard Business School Introduces Executive Education Program on Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property

New program teaches ways to protect,<br /> manage, and leverage intellectual property

BOSTON— Harvard Business School (HBS) announced today that it will offer a new Executive Education program aimed at developing effective strategies for transforming intellectual properties into commercially viable assets. Called Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Intellectual Property, the program will be held on the School's campus in Boston on July 27-30.

"In today's highly competitive global economy, it is essential that companies have a clearly defined legal and business policy for maximizing the value of their intellectual property," said Professor Josh Lerner, faculty chair of the Harvard Business School program. "This new offering will provide executive participants with actionable strategies to improve their organization's competitive position in the marketplace."

The program explores the critical interface between the law and business strategies and addresses the growing importance of intellectual property. Drawing on real-world case studies and classroom discussions, Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Intellectual Property focuses on gaining a holistic view of the intellectual property marketplace, including patent pools, cross-licenses, strategic alliances and key organizations that set the standards in the business. For executives who are responsible for intellectual property protection, development, licensing, and marketing-including individuals who oversee R&D;, corporate development, business strategy, and product development--the program looks at ways to significantly increase the value of a company's intangible assets.

HBS faculty will also work with participants to provide insights into the alignment of corporate resources around intellectual property strategy, with an emphasis on the range of strategies employed by companies across multiple industries to monetize intellectual property. Participants will interact with professors, guest speakers and one another to gain exposure to many perspectives.

The teaching team for Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Intellectual Property includes HBS faculty renowned for their involvement in business administration, accounting, and financial management fields. In addition, one of the senior professors is from the Harvard Law School to offer the legal perspective.

Admission to the program is based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. For more information or to apply online please visit http://www.exed.hbs.edu/programs/ip/.

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