07 Nov 2014

INCAE Observes 50th Anniversary at Celebration at Harvard Business School

Back row from left to right: John Ickis, Niels Ketelhohn, Susan Clancy, Julio Sergio Ramirez, Roberto Artavia, Arturo Condo, Xavier Arguello, Eduardo Montiel. Front row from left to right: Nitin Nohria, Wickham Skinner, George Cabot Lodge, Ray Goldberg, Harry Strachan.

BOSTON, Nov. 10, 2014 — On Oct. 29, INCAE Business School marked its 50th anniversary as one of the leading business schools in Latin America with a celebration on the campus of Harvard Business School (HBS) in Boston. As part of the festivities, awards were presented to HBS Dean Nitin Nohria and individuals who helped found INCAE, contributed to its development, and broadened its impact on Latin America through the years. Individual honorees included HBS professor Ray Goldberg and professors emeriti George Cabot Lodge and Wick Skinner, as well as Harry Strachan, a former partner at Boston-based Bain & Company.

INCAE Business School was born out of an idea inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Costa Rica in 1963. At that time, Kennedy spoke to Central American presidents about the importance of strengthening education in the region. He subsequently asked George P. Baker, then dean of Harvard Business School, to evaluate the possibility of establishing a management program in the region. During its formation, more than 50 HBS faculty contributed to the growth of INCAE, and since then numerous INCAE faculty members have been educated at HBS before taking on leadership positions at INCAE.

INCAE President Arturo Condo (DBA 2000) headed the celebration. “Tonight is about honoring our founders, without whose tireless dedication INCAE would not be here today, and about renewing our important ties with Harvard Business School to help sustain our impact in the future,” said Condo.

Prof. Skinner received INCAE’s highest distinction, an honorary doctorate in recognition of his far-reaching influence throughout the school’s history. Prof. Lodge was recognized as the U.S. architect of INCAE; Harry Strachan for leading INCAE through challenging times, including the opening of a second campus in Costa Rica during the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua; and Prof. Goldberg for his contribution to the region through his expertise as the father of agribusiness. “Ray’s former students have probably done more to feed the world and contributed more to the economic growth and social welfare of emerging societies than those produced by entire university systems,” said Roberto Artavia, who studied with Prof. Goldberg and now chairs INCAE’s board “Ray’s INCAE graduates turned Central America on its head and continue to do so today, more than two generations after his first studies in the region.”

The celebration, chaired by INCAE professor Eduardo Montiel (DBA 1983), marks the sixth event celebrating the 50th anniversary of INCAE. Previous events took place in Nicaragua, Peru, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador.

With campuses in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, INCAE has over 14,000 graduates from its master’s and Executive Education programs.


Alexa Glo

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