24 Jan 2014

Harvard Business School Association of Northern California Honors 114 Bay Area Alumnae

Honorees Selected for Leadership and Community Engagement

BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO—In connection with Harvard Business School's celebration of “50 years of women at HBS” (HBS W50), the HBS Association of Northern California will hold a gala on Monday, Jan. 27, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to honor 114 alumnae leaders in the Bay Area. The honorees, who are profiled in a new book titled "Inspiring Women: Celebrating Harvard Business School Leaders,” have made an impact through their leadership roles in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, while also volunteering time to give back to the broader community.

The honorees were nominated and chosen from more than 1,200 female graduates of Harvard Business School who reside and work in Northern California. They span six decades of Harvard graduates, and many are contributing to an endowed fellowship to benefit future young women admitted to HBS from the Bay Area.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that the Association is celebrating the achievements of these women and building on the momentum of our 50th anniversary of women in the MBA program.” said HBS Dean Nitin Nohria. “The women being honored are wonderful examples of leadership in their professions, their communities, and their family lives. They embody the HBS mission.”

Harvard Business School began admitting women to its two-year MBA program in 1963 with eight students. The School now has 11,000 MBA alumnae around the globe, and women comprise 40% of the MBA Class of 2014.

The alumni club is expecting over 500 people at the sold-out gala, where Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria will be the featured speaker.

The 2014 honorees are:

Jeanne Crossan Robinson HRPBA ’57 (Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration)


Linda Bibbler MBA ‘66
Kay Milias Casey MBA ‘63
Diana J. Dorr MBA ‘69
Mary C. Falvey MBA ‘67


Mary Cunningham Agee MBA ‘79
Fredrica Challandes-Angelini MBA ‘73
Chris Darwall MBA ‘75
Anne DeGheest MBA ‘79
Kathryn S. Hanson MBA ‘79
Cecilia Healy Herbert MBA ‘73
Ruth M. Owades MBA ‘75
Roslyn Braeman Payne MBA ‘70
Susan Porth MBA ‘72
Kathy Salmanowitz MBA ‘78
Mary Ann Milias St. Peter MBA ‘74


Glenda G. Anderson MBA ‘83
Erna Arnesen MBA ‘80
Cathy Benko MBA ‘89
Sheryle Bolton MBA ‘80
Anne Bonaparte MBA ‘88
Leslie Bottorff MBA ‘85
Mariann Byerwalter MBA ‘84
Mary Ann Byrnes MBA ‘84
Joy Covey MBA ’89 in memoriam
Alison Davis MBA ‘88
Susan Decker MBA ‘86
Donna L. Dubinsky MBA ‘81
Karen Francis-DeGolia MBA ‘89
Susan Lyon Hailey MBA ‘84
Zara Tepper Haimo MBA ‘80
Lorraine Hariton MBA ‘82
Patricia M. Kelly MBA ‘87
Kris Klein MBA ‘87
Jean Kovacs MBA ‘85
Sandra Kurtzig OPM 4 ‘80
Kathy Levinson PMD 56 ‘88
Betsy Massar MBA ‘82
SB Master MBA ‘80
Erin McGrath MBA ‘85
Francine M. Miltenberger MBA ‘83
Lori P. Mirek MBA ‘89
Mindy Mount MBA ‘87
Lorrie Norrington MBA ‘89
Denise M. O'Leary MBA ‘83
Adrian C. Ott MBA ‘87
Linda S. Oubre MBA ‘84
Ann Peckenpaugh MBA ‘80
Monica Pressley MBA ‘87
Nayla Rizk MBA ‘84
Laura Roden MBA ‘83
Laura Scher MBA ‘85
Faye Tiano Star MBA ‘80
Janet Strauss MBA ‘82
Anu Vuorikoski MBA ‘82
Katherine Welch MBA ‘88
Patty Ann O'Brien White MBA ‘89


Beverly Anderson MBA ‘97
Kristen S. Badgley MBA ‘98
Julie Bornstein MBA ‘97
Carol Wang Carpenter MBA ‘94
Gloria T. Chen MBA ‘94
Christy Remey Chin MBA ‘98
Kelly L. Close MBA ‘95
Kerry Whorton Cooper MBA ‘97
Lara Druyan MBA ‘94
Anne Marie Dwane MBA ‘98
Jennifer Scott Fonstad MBA ‘97
Lori Goler MBA ‘97
Paula Groves MBA ‘91
Ping Hao MBA ‘97
Molly Albrinck Hemmeter MBA ‘95
Nancy Huang MBA ‘96
Anula Kusum Jayasuriya MBA ‘93
Hilary Jensen MBA ‘99
Tracy Keogh MBA ‘94
Judy Ko MBA ‘99
Stacey Lawson MBA ‘96
Charlene Li MBA ‘93
Karae M. Lisle MBA ‘98
Amy D. Love MBA ‘93
Kristin Asleson McDonnell MBA ‘90
Katie Burke Mitic MBA ‘95
Carol Novello MBA ‘91
Sonja Hoel Perkins MBA ‘93
Camille Samuels MBA ‘98
Claudia Schubert MBA ‘99
Amy Guggenheim Shenkan MBA ‘92
Ann Gregg Skeet MBA ‘90
Lisa Spinali MBA ‘90
Beth Springer MBA ‘90
Stephanie Tilenius MBA ‘96
Lynn M. Vojvodich MBA ‘97
Alison Berkley Wagonfeld MBA ‘96
Yvonne Wang Ware MBA ‘99
Nadine Weil MBA ‘97
Laura Zander MBA ‘93


Ruzwana Bashir MBA ‘11
Privahini Bradoo MBA ‘08
Sonya Tarnow Brown MBA ‘02
Lynne C. Chou MBA ‘05
Abigail Falik MBA ‘08
August Rose Fern MBA ‘03
Megan Gardner MBA ‘06
Isabelle Hau MBA ‘04
Gretchen Howard MBA ‘02
Jacquelyn Kung MBA ‘06
Christina LaMontagne MBA ‘09
Ingrid Lestiyo MBA ‘06
Jessica Owens MBA ‘06
Victoria Ransom MBA ‘08
Shalini Sharp MBA ‘01
Victoria Tsai MBA ‘06
Michelle Zatlyn MBA ‘09

The HBSA/NC is entering its 39th year as an HBS alumni club, serving over 6,200 graduates in Northern California. The Association allows members to stay in contact with fellow alumni, further their professional training, and participate in community partners programs that benefit hundreds of non-profit organizations in the region.


Kirsten Pickford
Executive Director of Harvard Business School Association of Northern California
Tel: (415) 421-4500
Email: kirsten@hbsanc.org

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