21 May 2009

Harvard Business School Hosts Annual Faculty Research Symposium


Harvard Business School Hosts
Annual Faculty Research Symposium

BOSTON — Harvard Business School faculty continuously address big research questions that cut across multiple disciplines and geographical regions, and the work showcased at this year's Faculty Research Symposium was no exception. Topics at the today's event in Hawes Hall on the HBS campus ranged from entrepreneurship and innovation to corporate lending and overseas investments. The Symposium is designed to highlight faculty research and course development accomplishments, share knowledge, and strengthen the School's sense of intellectual community.

"The research generated by HBS faculty influences business practitioners, management scholars, students, and other educators - and the research methods we use are increasingly diverse, including field research, field and lab experiments, survey research, empirical research, and analytical modeling," said Professor Srikant Datar, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Research. "Our faculty is committed to research and course development that address today's business problems effectively and reach a wide audience around the globe."

The 2009 Symposium program included the following topics and presenters:

  • Regional Disadvantage: How Non-Compete Agreements Impact Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Innovative Dynamics
    Professor Lee Fleming

  • Toward a Behavioral Theory of Strategy
    Associate Professor Giovanni Gavetti

  • The Empire Trap: America's Attempts to Protect Its Citizens' Overseas Investments, 1898-2008
    Associate Professor Noel Maurer

  • Balancing Control and Learning in Customer-Facing Operations
    Assistant Professor Dennis Campbell

  • The Changing Nature of Corporate Lending
    Assistant Professor Victoria Ivashina

  • Rich Versus King and Other Founding Dilemmas
    Associate Professor Noam Wasserman

  • Converging Codes of Conduct or Situational Morality: The Global Business Standards Project
    Professor Rohit Deshpande

  • Creating Predictable Time Off in a 24/7 World
    Professor Leslie Perlow

  • Deal-Process Design: Evidence from the M&A; Marketplace and Broader Applications
    Professor Guhan Subramanian

  • Business Research in a Post-Crisis World: Opportunities for Integration and Collaboration?
    Professor Lynn Paine, Professor Rakesh Khurana, and Professor Marco Iansiti

Additional information on particular research is available upon request.

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