December 2019

  • 18 Dec 2019

    U.S. Competitiveness Report: Business Leaders Pessimistic, Political Gridlock Biggest Obstacle to Strengthening America’s Competitiveness

    BOSTON—Structural failures in the U.S. political system have prevented meaningful progress on actions needed to improve U.S. competitiveness, according to research released today by Harvard Business School’s (HBS) U.S. Competitiveness Project. Based on surveys of HBS alumni and the general public, as well as faculty research, A Recovery Squandered: The State of U.S. Competitiveness 2019 documents how the U.S. has wasted the decade-long expansion following the Great Recession by not addressing underlying impediments to U.S. competitiveness. In addition to assessing the factors that have contributed to this situation, the report outlines the steps that must be taken to improve America’s economic prospects for both workers and companies. Read more.

    • 17 Dec 2019

      Six Harvard Business School Doctoral Candidates Receive Research Awards

      BOSTON—The Harvard Business School Doctoral Programs and their faculty chair, David Scharfstein, the School’s Edmund Cogswell Converse Professor of Finance and Banking, have announced three recipients of the 2019 Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research and three winners of the Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics. The prizes are presented each year based on excellence in innovative dissertation research. Read more.