November 2019

    • 21 Nov 2019

      Harvard Business School Announces New Exhibit on U.S. Steel Corporation’s Use of Photography as a Public Relations Tool

      BOSTON—Harvard Business School’s (HBS) Baker Library Special Collections announced today the opening of a new exhibit, Photography and Corporate Public Relations: The Case of U.S. Steel, 1930 – 1960. The exhibition, catalog, and website examine the ways in which U.S. Steel employed photographs in a variety of public relations campaigns to instill public favor at a time when the steel industry, like today’s technology behemoths, reigned central in the world economy. Organized by Baker Library Special Collections, the exhibit runs through October 6, 2020, in the North Lobby of Baker Library | Bloomberg Center on the HBS campus. Read more.

    • 20 Nov 2019

      Harvard Business School Examines Alumni Social Impact in The World

      BOSTON, MA—Harvard Business School (HBS)’s more than 86,000 alumni are using their leadership and problem-solving skills to tackle education, health, environment, poverty, inequality, and myriad other challenges, according to a new book called Problem Solving: HBS Alumni Making a Difference in the World. Authored by Russ Banham, Shirley Spence, and Howard Stevenson, the book highlights the many ways that alumni are taking action as corporate leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, nonprofit professionals, public servants, generous philanthropists, and good citizens quietly contributing to their communities. Read more.