May 2019

  • 30 May 2019

    Meet the 2019-2020 Leadership Fellows

    BOSTON—The Leadership Fellows Program at Harvard Business School is based on University Professor Michael Porter’s vision of developing a network of HBS graduates with cross-sector experience who are committed to addressing societal issues throughout their careers. The Fellowship is a two-way commitment in which graduating students are offered once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience high-impact management positions in nonprofit and public sector organizations for one year at a competitive salary. At the same time, the hiring organizations leverage the experience, energy, and strategic and analytical skills of MBAs in roles that produce immediate results and build long-term capacity. Read more.

    • 30 May 2019

      MBA Class of 2019 Celebrates Class Day with Remarks from Student Speakers and Alumnus Michael Bloomberg

      BOSTON—Yesterday afternoon, all 927 members of the Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA Class of 2019 gathered on the lawn in front of Baker Library | Bloomberg Center to enjoy their annual Class Day Celebration, held in advance of today’s Commencement exercises. Along with their family, friends, and guests, they honored five Alumni Achievement Award recipients and six faculty teaching award recipients, and listened to the wise words of their classmates and one of the namesakes of the landmark building in the background, Michael R. Bloomberg. Read more.

    • 23 May 2019

      Harvard Business School, BCG Researchers: Workers Optimistic While Business Leaders Struggle to Grasp Forces Changing the Workforce

      BOSTON—Researchers from Harvard Business School’s Project on Managing the Future of Work and Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute today released Future Positive: How Companies Can Tap Into Employee Optimism to Navigate Tomorrow’s Workplace, which provides a first-of-its-kind global outlook on how business leaders and middle-skills workers view the forces shaping the future of work. At a time when the future of work discussion is dominated by reports of widespread fear, the research found that middle-skills workers see opportunity in changes and are optimistic for their future job prospects. Read more.

    • 16 May 2019

      Frontiers of Change: 25 Years of Social Enterprise at HBS

      BOSTON—On May 3 and 4 the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) marked its 25th anniversary with a two-day event, Frontiers of Change: 25 Years of Social Enterprise at HBS, which brought together over 300 alumni, students, faculty, staff, and leaders in the field. Read more.