July 2011

    • 25 Jul 2011

      Countdown in Washington

      As the August 2 deadline for resolving the debt- limit crisis draws ever nearer, Harvard Business School senior lecturer Robert Pozen offers a proposal that would cut spending and raise revenues in a way that would still appeal to many Republicans. At the same time, Professor of Management Practice Robert Steven Kaplan urges politicians to keep an open mind about the financial issues they face rather than take a blind but binding pledge not to increase taxes or close loopholes, no matter what. Read more.

    • 15 Jul 2011

      Bad News at News Corp.

      The News Corporation/News of the World scandal has been described as a case study in bad management. What was there about the company's organizational culture that led to "Murdoch's Mess"? Professor Michel Anteby, who studies how meaning is built at work and how moral orders are sustained, provides an answer. And what is there about Murdoch himself that leaves him such a scorned and isolated figure in the midst of all this? Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, an authority on innovation and change, adds her insights. Finally, what are some lessons for boards of directors? Professor of Management Practice and leadership expert Robert Steven Kaplan comments on these issues. Read more.