February 2010

  • 22 Feb 2010

    Harvard Business School Professor Gordon Donaldson Dead at 87

    Gordon Donaldson, an expert in corporate financial management who had an enormous influence at Harvard Business School (HBS)in Parkland, Florida, at the age of 87. At the time of his death, he was the School's Willard Prescott Smith Professor of Corporate Finance, Emeritus. Read more.

    • 16 Feb 2010

      NFL Players Hone Their Skills at Harvard Business School

      More than 35 NFL players representing teams from across the league, including the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings, have traveled to Harvard Business School (HBS) to take part in a custom Executive Education program that addresses the unique business opportunities and challenges faced by current and retired NFL players. Read more.

    • 16 Feb 2010

      Harvard Business School Faculty on Toyota Recall

      With its once sterling reputation for quality now tarnished, Toyota is in a crisis of immense proportions, traveling down a road that no company ever wants to take. Two Harvard Business School professors--one an expert on branding and reputation, the other a historian-provide their perspectives. Read more.

    • 10 Feb 2010

      Harvard Business School Faculty Comment on Super Bowl Advertisements

      million other viewers, HBS marketing experts Stephen Greyser and Sunil Gupta were watching the ads along with the game on Super Bowl Sunday - Doritos vs. Denny's, Coke vs. Bud Lite, Dockers vs. Dr. Pepper, and on and on into the night. Once the confetti had cleared, they offered some thoughts on the cascade of commercials. Read more.

    • 10 Feb 2010

      Harvard Business School Faculty on the World Economic Forum

      Leaders from a wide array of backgrounds, including government, business, and academia, recently gathered in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. Among them were an array of Harvard Business School professors. Some perspectives on their experience follow. Read more.

    • 08 Feb 2010

      Professor Josh Lerner Wins Major Entrepreneurship Prize

      Harvard Business School (HBS)winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship, widely regarded as the world'by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and Sweden's Research Institute of Industrial Economics. Lerner will formally receive the award and deliver a lecture at a ceremony in Stockholm in May. Read more.