July 2009

  • 30 Jul 2009

    Harvard Business School Announces New Life Sciences Fellows

    companies. These ten people now have one more thing in common besides their high level of talent and accomplishment. They have all recently been named recipients of Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowships at Harvard Business School as they prepare to enter the School's MBA program in September. Read more.

    • 30 Jul 2009

      Richard Bohmer Unites Medicine and Management to Prescribe New Design for Health Care Delivery

      In the face of mounting health care costs, declining quality of care, and an explosion of need, nations around the world are debating how to "fix" their health care systems. Most common solutions have focused on how to fund and reimburse health care, but physician and Harvard Business School senior lecturer Richard Bohmer argues that this focus misses an important piece of the problem. Rather than solely determining how to better fund health care, we must also understand the fundamental nature of care and ask how we could better design, manage, and deliver it. Read more.

    • 08 Jul 2009

      Professor Emeritus Jesse W. Markham Dead at 93

      Former Harvard Business School Professor Jesse W. Markham, an economist whose work focused on price theory and industrial organization, died peacefully, in his sleep, on June 21 in Nashua, New Hampshire, at an assisted-living home. He was 93. Read more.

    • 01 Jul 2009

      Harvard Business School Offers Custom Program for Multicultural Executives

      One of the additions to Harvard Business School's portfolio of custom Executive Education offerings is making news. An article in today's Boston Globe [Link] focuses on an intensive one-week program called Next Generation Executive (NGE) [link], developed in coordination with The Partnership, Inc., [link] a Boston-based firm focusing on the development of multicultural professionals of color. The program took place on the HBS campus last week. Read more.