March 2008

    • 19 Mar 2008

      Harvard Business School Offers New Executive Education Program in China

      Harvard Business School (HBS) announced today that it will offer its annual Agribusiness Seminar in Shanghai on May 11-14. The Executive Education program will focus on how customer needs, environmental concerns, economic issues, advanced technologies, and key strategies drive innovation throughout the agribusiness industry. Agribusiness Seminar: An Asian Offering will welcome participants from a range of organizations around the world, including agricultural producers and processors, branded food companies, major grocery chains, governments, and financial firms serving the agribusiness industry. Read more.

    • 10 Mar 2008

      New Harvard Business School Website Showcases Centennial Celebration

      As Harvard Business School's Centennial celebration continues, a variety of activities marking the historic occasion are under way, from colloquia led by HBS faculty to alumni gatherings around the globe. The School's new Centennial website, launched as part of the yearlong celebration, is rich with lore about the Harvard Business School'years and serves as a user-friendly gateway to the latest information on Centennial activities. The site offers also enables visitors to examine issues that will shape management and management education in the 21st century. Read more.

    • 06 Mar 2008

      Marketing Can Serve Citizens as Well as Consumers

      In Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy (Harvard Business Press), Harvard Business School Professor John A. Quelch and Research Associate Katherine E. Jocz argue that democracy can be driven by good marketing and healthy dialogue. When governments treat citizens more like consumers - studying their needs, encouraging their feedback, and developing long-term relationships - democracy becomes more democratic. On the flip side, the authors also discuss how managers and marketers can learn from democracy's focus on fairness and concern for society. Read more.

    • 05 Mar 2008

      Harvard Business School Joins 10,000 Women

      Harvard Business School today announced that it will be an initial partner with The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS)underserved women, predominantly in developing and emerging markets, with a business and management education. The initiative will invest in a largely untapped yet significant resource -Women establishes relationships between universities in the United States and Europe and business schools in emerging and developing countries to improve the quality and capacity of business education in developing regions around the world. Harvard Business School will work with the Goldman Sachs Fund for Management to help "Teach the Teachers" India, a key element of the Harvard Business School's Global Initiative. Read more.