January 2019

    December 2018

    • 13 Dec 2018

      HBX Launches Course to Help Startup Leaders Navigate Rapid Growth and Change

      BOSTON—Harvard Business School’s online initiative, HBX, has developed a new program to help startup founders and senior leaders successfully scale. Scaling Ventures will be taught by Harvard Business School (HBS) entrepreneurial management professors and seasoned entrepreneurs Shikhar Ghosh and Jeffrey Rayport. The eight-week course will take place via a live, interactive online classroom that brings HBS’s famed case method to life. Read more.

    • 05 Dec 2018

      Four Harvard Business School Doctoral Candidates Receive Research Awards

      BOSTON—The Harvard Business School Doctoral Programs and their faculty chair, David Scharfstein, the School’s Edmund Cogswell Converse Professor of Finance and Banking, have announced three recipients of the 2018 Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research and one winner of the Martin Award for Excellence in Business Economics. The prizes are presented each year based on excellence in innovative dissertation research. Read more.

    November 2018

    • 27 Nov 2018

      Harvard Business School is New Home for Digital DNA

      BOSTON—Digital DNA, the seven-foot-tall outdoor sculpture by artists Adriana Varella and Nilton Maltz, has found a new home on the campus of Harvard Business School. Originally commissioned by the city of Palo Alto in the early 2000’s, it resided in Lytton Plaza in the center of the city until making the cross-country trek last Spring. Read more.

    • 16 Nov 2018

      Harvard Business School Conference Marks 10th Anniversary of 2008 Global Financial Crisis

      BOSTON—On October 29 and 30, Harvard Business School marked the tenth anniversary of the financial crisis that rocked the US and world economies in 2008 with a two-day conference that brought together in Klarman Hall, the School’s new convening center, an extraordinary lineup of experts, many of whom had played key roles in the events that unfolded a decade ago, including former US Treasury Secretary Henry “Hank” Paulson (MBA 1970); Tim Geithner, then president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Paulson’s successor at Treasury; and Harvard University professor Lawrence Summers, who served as Director of the National Economic Council from 2009 to 2010. Read more.

    • 15 Nov 2018

      Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship Announces Rock Venture Capital Partners

      BOSTON—MBA students at Harvard Business School (HBS) who are interested in entrepreneurship and looking to start new ventures are able to seek guidance and access expertise from various resources on the HBS campus, including more than 30 faculty experts in the field, 21 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and this year’s Venture Capital Partners, all based at the School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. Venture Capital Partners are managing and general partners from some of the most successful VC firms in the United States. They come to campus a few times a year to meet with students; provide fundraising information as well as feedback on their ideas, business models, and other aspects of their new ventures; and judge the New Venture Competition Finale in the spring. Read more.

    October 2018

    • 26 Oct 2018

      Harvard Business School Entrepreneurs Shine at Rock 100 Summit

      BOSTON—Ten to fifteen years after graduating from Harvard Business School, fifty percent of HBS alumni describe themselves as entrepreneurs. But many don’t wait that long. In fact, with the help of a broad portfolio of programs offered by the School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, including the Rock Accelerator, summer fellowships, and the annual New Venture Competition (co-sponsored by the School’s Social Enterprise Initiative), more and more Harvard MBA students are launching enterprises while they’re still in school or newly-minted alums. Read more.