14 Sep 2015

Cold Call: The Launch of a New Harvard Business School Podcast Series


BOSTON—Harvard Business School (HBS) is pleased to announce the launch of a new online series, Cold Call, which takes the School’s legendary case method and distills it into podcast form.

Twice monthly, host and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Brian Kenny invites an HBS professor to take listeners behind the scenes of a case he or she has written, probing what inspired the case, exploring how it relates to management practice, and delving into interesting anecdotes that come from researching the case and teaching it in the classroom.

Cold Call will feature a wide variety of cases covering world-class brands, innovative start-ups, social enterprises, and even entire nations. The series kicked off the week of September 9— Fashion Week in New York City— with a case on fashion mogul Stella McCartney and how she built a global brand that represents both luxury and sustainability.

HBS adopted the case method of research and teaching in the 1920s to create an interactive and exciting learning experience in the classroom. Today, it is used by the majority of business schools around the world, with 80 percent of the cases they teach carrying the Harvard Business School brand.

Harvard MBA students prepare and discuss some 350 to 400 cases during their two years in the program. Each class begins with a “cold call,” where with no previous warning, the professor selects one student to lay out the facts of the case and begin the discussion. It’s a nerve-wracking moment that binds HBS graduates across generations.

In 10-12 minutes, Cold Call will animate HBS faculty research and bring their lessons straight to listeners. It should be on the playlist of prospective MBA students and seasoned business practitioners alike.

Subscribe to Cold Call on iTunes and iTunesU or follow along on SoundCloud.


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