10 Mar 2008
New Harvard Business School Website Showcases Centennial Celebration

BOSTON — As Harvard Business School's Centennial celebration continues, a variety of activities marking the historic occasion are under way, from colloquia led by HBS faculty to alumni gatherings around the globe. The School's new Centennial website, launched as part of the yearlong celebration, is rich with lore about the Harvard Business School's first 100 years and serves as a user-friendly gateway to the latest information on Centennial activities. The site offers also enables visitors to examine issues that will shape management and management education in the 21st century.

A special feature called The Conversation offers an opportunity for an online dialogue with HBS faculty on a number of important issues.

Institutional Memory tells the story of Harvard Business School's past 100 years through personal narratives and recollections of generations of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The site features video and audio clips and a gallery of historical photos as well as an interactive events timeline and a dynamic multimedia presentation. This feature explores key questions long considered by HBS leaders as they shaped the institution: What makes management a profession? How are people and institutions transformed? What makes institutions strong? What knowledge stimulates growth? Visitors can add their own stories and photographs to the site and personally contribute to the history of the School.

Global Outreach examines how HBS alumni clubs worldwide are marking the Centennial with events, projects, and leadership initiatives that will have a lasting impact on their communities.

The Colloquia section provides a roundup of the colloquia HBS faculty will present throughout the Centennial year with other academics and business leaders. These sessions are pushing the frontiers of knowledge on topics such as the sustainability of capitalism, management in a global era, leadership, social enterprise, venture capital and private equity, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.