08 Mar 2016

Words of Wisdom on International Women's Day


Robin Ely – Diane Doerge Wilson Professor of Business Administration

Find your North Star—your purpose in life—and set your compass on it. Don’t deviate from that path in an effort to be what other people—or the culture—are saying you ought to be. Find what gives your heart and soul a fire that burns with mission and meaning. And then spell out goals for each aspect of your life that are consistent with that vision—your career, your partnership (if you have one), your kids (if you have them), your community. Blend professional worth with personal goals. Lead with a sense of purpose and heart in all domains of your life.

If/when you have a life partner: carefully consider—and routinely revisit and reconsider—the social contract with your partner. Stay connected to what your partner values and wants in life, while at the same time not losing sight of what you personally value and want in life—and constantly communicate, because things change. And be willing to break the mold in charting a course that may be a little different from the more traditional model many of us grew up with and that the culture idealizes.

Amy W. Schulman – Senior Lecturer of Business Administration

Be relentless and honest but optimistic—gender parity isn't a thing that can be achieved and then once done is over. We need to examine the embedded assumptions in the very notion of parity and ask with clarity what we want and then how will we get there.

Sandra J. Sucher – MBA Class of 1966 Professor of Management Practice, Joseph L. Rice, III Faculty Fellow

Think of gender parity as a world in which each one of us is free to be exactly who we are, and who we want to be. This isn’t a women’s issue, or a men’s issue. It’s a dream of human liberation that we can make a reality if we work on it together. Think what great happiness, talent, and fulfillment we can unleash! Surely this is the kind of world we want to create – for ourselves and for all people everywhere.

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