22 May 2020

WFH Q+A with Brook Dennard Rosser, Assistant Director of MBA Admissions and Diversity Outreach

Brook Dennard Rosser

by Shona Simkin

Has your role or work changed now that you’re working remotely?
I started at HBS the first week of February, so I only really spent a month on campus before the stay at home orders were rolled out. My position is new and I’m only three months in, so I’m learning as I go. I have an amazing team that I get to work with, so that’s been awesome!

What have been some of the challenges?
Missing our current students—especially the ECs! I feel like so many of them have been a part of the journey that led me to HBS. Students in both the Latino Student Organization (LASO) and the African American Student Union (AASU) played a big role in helping to champion the creation of my role, and many of those students were the first people I met during the interview process and once I got to campus. Not being able to see them in Spangler or around campus—and knowing many of them will have moved on when we return to campus, is tough!

What have been some fun or bright spots?
Our dog, Luke, LOVES the fact that my husband, Bryson, and I are home all day! He gets extra walks, has appeared in quite a few of our Zoom calls, and has really just been such a joy. Working from home has also been a good push for us to finish unpacking. We just moved from Tennessee to Boston in January!

What is your work “office” setup?
My home office has evolved. I started out at the dining room table for the first month, and we have a breakfast nook area in our kitchen that has become a new favorite—it’s right in front of a really big window, so it’s nice to get some sun when I can!

How do you and your team connect?
I love that our team has a variety of different ways to stay connected—it feels like there is something for everyone! Teams chats, email, Zoom calls, check-ins, etc. have all been really helpful. We’ve also been really intentional about creating informal opportunities to connect in ways that we would’ve done in person—coffee chats, lunch dates, game nights—these have all been amazing ways to stay connected. As someone new to the Admissions team, these activities have helped me get to know everyone on a more personal level, which I love!

How are you taking care of yourself right now—is there something that you’re listening to, reading, eating, doing, appreciating that is helping you every day?
My husband and I have committed to taking more walks and we’ve started running again (never thought THAT would happen, lol!). We’ve both lived in the South for years and really appreciate being in a city and community that has so many trails and sidewalks everywhere!

We’ve also committed to staying connected with our friends and family during this time. We do Zoom date nights with our friends and have virtual happy hours and game nights as often as possible!

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