25 Jul 2017

Travel Podcasts for Summer Trips


It's summer and that means vacation time for many. To help pass the time on planes, trains, and automobiles, here are several episodes of the Cold Call podcast about far-flung locations, the airline industry, and one of the top names in trip-planning.

Cost-cutting Leads to Turbulence in the Airline Industry

When a business known for delivering an exemplary customer experience faces cutbacks, what services get chopped? Assistant Professor Susanna Gallani discusses a recent case study about an airline that looks not just to survive a downturn but emerge stronger.

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For Today’s Travel Businesses, Is It TripAdvisor or Bust?

Research says that 85 percent of people will make a purchase after reading online reviews about a product or service. This has had huge implications for the hotel industry and helps explain why TripAdvisor, a massive repository of user-generated reviews, was the most-visited travel website in the world in 2013. Associate Professor Thales Teixeira discusses TripAdvisor’s staggering success, how the company has forced an entire industry to change the way it considers (and purposefully influences) the online review process, and how consumers navigate that sea of reviews.

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A Map for Economic Renewal Begins in Maine

Maine has had one of the worst state economies in the country the last few years. But something special is happening there of late that could change the face of job creation in the future. Senior fellow Karen Mills, the former administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration under President Obama, explains her new case on the Maine Food Cluster Project, including the role catalytic philanthropy and cluster initiatives can play in reenergizing struggling business sectors.

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Leading a Team to the Top of Mount Everest

Professor Amy Edmondson describes how students learn about team communication and decision making by making a simulated climb up Mount Everest.

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Building Affordable Health Care in Paradise

By some accounts, only about 5 percent of people worldwide receive cardiac treatment they need to survive. Professor Tarun Khanna highlights the need for affordable health care at scale, and a possible model based on factory-like repetition and learning in the Cayman Islands.

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The Munich Oktoberfest: From Local Tradition to Global Capitalism

Professor Juan Alcacer discusses how the Oktoberfest brand has been transplanted around the globe, whether copycat festivals help or hurt its reputation, and to what extent its original hosts could or should be profit-motivated.

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