Top Five Harvard Business School Stories of 2022
We look back at the top stories of 2022.
15 Dec 2022  

The start of 2022 not only marks a new year but also the graduation year of the MBA Class of 2022. As they begin their last semester, we asked Elective Curriculum (EC) students about their first cold call, case method teaching, and how both aspects might help them in their career. Read more.

The people and details essential to the classroom experience.
It’s nearly midnight on Sunday, and the cleaning crew at HBS is an hour into their workday, vacuuming, scrubbing, and tidying the 25 MBA classrooms. In about eight hours, students will start wandering in with their sectionmates to catch up and chat about the day’s upcoming case. At 8:30am sharp, the class comes to attention as the professor kicks off the case discussion—perhaps with a targeted cold call. The overnight cleaning crew is gone, the daytime crew is in place, and Edgar Ventura, manager of custodial services, is back in his office after completing one round of his many walking reviews of the classrooms—the chalkboards are spotless, the boxes of chalk are new, chairs are in their places, the carpet is clean, and desktops are sanitized. One part of the many that go into providing a distraction-free, focused classroom experience has been checked off for the day. Read more.

During a one-year deferral from Harvard Business School (HBS), Adriana Garcia Ceja (MBA 2022) was scrolling through social media when she paused on a classmate’s post. Shekeyla Sandore Caldwell (MBA 2021) had just published a children’s book, A Name Like Mine. Inspired, Adriana wondered if writing a children’s book could be how she addressed some of the issues she encountered as a Latina. Upon her return to HBS this fall, she mentioned the concept, and its potential as an independent project, to two of her classmates. Without a moment’s hesitation, they both asked if they could join the venture. We asked Adriana, Ale Eguren (MBA 2022), and Claudia Lopez (MBA 2022) about the book, how it addresses issues in Latinx culture, and how it fits in with their educational and career goals. Read more.

Sarah Mehta, a senior case researcher at Harvard Business School (HBS), finished her final interview with the founder of Somatus, a startup aiming to transform kidney care delivery in the US. As she reflected on the conversation, and on those with stakeholders and employees, various puzzle pieces began fitting into a full picture and story. Read more.

At a 2014 conference, Meagan Hill (AB 2011, MBA 2016), a member of the Mohawk Nation, stood proudly as her uncle received an achievement award for his work as treasurer of the Seneca Nation. Hosted by the Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA), the annual conference convenes professionals from member tribes, each of which operate as independent governments with their own political structures and economies. Over the next few days, discussions with member nations echoed many of the cases she was studying in her Harvard Business School (HBS) classes and issues she had encountered in her two years working in investment finance. She returned to the HBS campus with a spark of an idea. Read more.


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