Top Social Posts of 2022
We take a look back at the top HBS social posts of 2022.
20 Dec 2022  


The morning of commencement, the MBA Class of 2022 took a walk over to Harvard Yard to join the rest of the Harvard community for our commencement ceremony. See the post.


Snow on campus is always a great view! See the post.


Toto Wolff came to campus! He joined Professor Anita Elberse's MBA classroom as a guest speaker. Wolff spoke about what it takes to build a winning team and how to maintain success at the highest levels. See the post.


There's nothing like fall on the HBS campus! See the post.


After the ceremony at Harvard Yard, HBS MBA Students come back to campus to join Dean Datar and walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. See the post.


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