Super Bowl: Where Sports Meets Business

As Super Bowl LIII approaches, we revisit a sample of articles and podcasts that cover a range of topics surrounding this multi-billion dollar industry, from faith in the locker room to advertising to brain injuries to deflategate and more.

30 Jan 2019   Cullen Schmitt

Boris Groysberg What Football Firings Teach Managers About Staying Relevant
January 16, 2019

Many executives are confident they can retain their skills over time. Experience shows they are wrong. Just look at the National Football League's "Black Monday" for proof, says Boris Groysberg.

Reverend Jonathan Wilkins got a call that the NFL’s Chicago Bears were looking for a part-time chaplain. He was brought in to address a group of rookie players, and talked about low period in his life and how he used his faith to face adversity. A few months later, he was officially named team chaplain. In this episode of Skydeck, the Bulletin’s associate editor Julia Hanna talks to Wilkins about the role of faith in the locker room—and how the challenges of a professional football player aren’t so different from our own.

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Boris Groysberg CEOs and Coaches: How Important is Organizational 'Fit?'
February 1, 2016

How big a factor is matching the right coach with the right team? As the Super Bowl approaches, Boris Groysberg and Abhijit Naik discuss football-related research that also has implications for the world of corporate hiring.

Richard Hamermesh discuss his case entitled, "The National Football League and Brain Injuries."

Marco Iansiti Deflategate and the Sustained Success of the New England Patriots
March 14, 2015

A new Harvard Business School case study by Marco Iansiti challenges students to explain the continued success of the New England Patriots football team and the dynamics behind the Deflategate episode.

Thales Teixeira Super Bowl Ads for Multitaskers
January 29, 2014

With more than half the Super Bowl audience using smartphones or laptops at the same time they watch the big game on TV, Thales S. Teixeira says advertisers have to step up their game.


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