19 Dec 2014
Students Embark on FIELD Global Immersions
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This January, 935 first-year MBA students will be traveling all over the world to put months of project preparation into practice as part of the FIELD Global Immersion program.

Since October, students have been working with a network of 158 Global Partners via email, Skype, and conference calls to learn about the businesses they are charged with assisting and advancing. Through December, they developed and refined their product and service proposals, and they will set out to their respective locations in January to meet with their partners face-to-face, test their ideas with local customers, and share their work in formal presentations with their partner companies' senior management. Their work then becomes the property of their Global Partner to implement.

To learn more about FIELD, here are a few compelling videos about the process:

  • What is HBS FIELD?
  • FIELD 1: Communication, Voice & Self-Awareness
  • FIELD 2 Global Dinner
  • Dash Days: HBS Students Prepare for FIELD Global Immersions

    To follow the students' work, be sure to check out the live Instagram FIELD feed:

    #HBSField Photography

    Click here for more on the First-Year Experience.

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