16 Sep 2015
The Challenge of Shared Prosperity

Harvard Business School released the findings from its 2015 survey on U.S. competitiveness this month.

The report is a collection of alumni responses from across the business world, speaking to the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. business environment and, in particular, the health of entrepreneurship in the U.S. and the concurrent challenge of shared prosperity.

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Media Coverage of the Survey Findings:

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Survey: US more competitive globally, but inequality a risk

The Atlantic
Entrepreneurship: Increasingly, the Province of the Wealthy

The Christian Science Monitor
Harvard MBAs Say Fighting Wealth Inequality is a Top Priority

HuffPost Business
It's Going To Take A Lot To Make America Great Again

The New York Times
Corporate Efforts to Address Social Problems Have Limits

The Washington Post
Harvard Business School alums say top U.S. priority should be fighting inequality

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