24 Nov 2021

New Faculty Profiles: Seth Neel


HBS faculty comprises more than 300 scholars and practitioners who bring leading-edge research, extensive experience, and deep insights into the classroom, to organizations, and to managers. We asked new faculty at HBS about their background, their new roles, and their interests.

Seth Neel, assistant professor, Technology and Operations Management

What is your educational background?
I graduated from Harvard in 2015 with a degree in mathematics, and from Wharton in 2020 with a PhD in statistics. My research is in machine learning.

What’s your area of research and what led you to it?
My research develops tools for machine learning that mitigate bias and enhance privacy. In particular I work on differential privacy, adaptive data analysis, and fair machine learning. My advisors at Wharton during my PhD were computer science professors Aaron Roth and Michael Kearns, later authors of The Ethical Algorithm: The Science of Socially Aware Algorithm Design, and these topics were the major focus of their group.

What will you be teaching here?
This year I will be teaching Technology & Operations Management in the Required Curriculum. I hope to teach courses on data science and machine learning in the future.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professor?
I’d be working at Welligence, a startup I co-founded during graduate school.

Where are you from?
I’m from Providence, Rhode Island.

What is something you like to do outside of your academic work?
I love to play chess, squash, and go to concerts (pre-COVID).

What’s your favorite book, movie, or piece of art?
My favorite movie is Zoolander and my favorite musical artist is Machine Gun Kelly.

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