New Venture Competition Contestants Share Their Stories
Several teams from the Competition's Business Track talk about how their companies came to be, their unique value propositions, and where they may be headed in the future.
18 Apr 2016  

The New Venture Competition is an annual student competition hosted by Harvard Business School's Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Initiative. This year's Super Saturday event featured 71 teams presenting to more than 110 judges. Due to the incredibly high quality in teams, the judges selected 14 semifinalists from the Business Track to move forward.

Below, several of those teams weigh in on how their companies came to be, what their missions are, and where they hope to take things in the future:

Andon Analytics monitors how manufacturing lines are operating, providing real-time analytics and insights with a high degree of accuracy.

BrainSpec is a software platform that enables efficient, accurate, and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders.

Churnul is a digital labor market and liquid workforce solution.

EmberStreams provides a content discovery and recommendation engine for video game live streams.

Getaway designs tiny houses, places them on beautiful rural land and rents them out by the night to stressed out city-dwellers.

Interval Lab enables the workforce of the future, starting with parental leave management for companies and employees.

lundí, the world's first luxury, heated smart-boots.

Magpie is a more natural way to shop. It allows users to buy products on any site, publishers to monetize content, and brands to grow sales.

Nature, Inc., Nest for room air conditioners.

RobinHealth is a mobile first pharmacy providing in-app chat with pharmacists and on-demand delivery.

The Salad Bar, a new, veggie-based nutrition bar to help you eat better while on-the-go.

uSound is a smart audio system that converts a Smartphone into a hearing assistant device (hearing aid).

Editor's Note: Congratulations to the NVC Business Track Finalists, announced on Tuesday: Astraeus Technologies, BrainSpec, Getaway, and Nature, Inc.

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