The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
The success many MBA graduates have already had with their own startups highlights their entrepreneurial talent and HBS support in fostering innovation.
28 May 2015  

Be it worldwide literacy, health care, small business financing, or tough rental markets, HBS alums are tackling big problems with their startups. Their success reflects a burgeoning interest in entrepreneurship at the School, a student and faculty commitment supported by the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and the New Venture Competition. Both were profiled in an April 2015 New York Times article that labeled HBS as the best school to attend "if you want to start your own company."

Below are six recent graduates whose ventures display the kind of impact HBS students want to make in the world and whose backgrounds demonstrate how big ambitions grow from deep roots.

Urvesh Shelat – Bab'l Books
Millions of bilingual families struggle to support literacy around the world because of a lack of appropriate tools. Bab'l Books aims to help fix that problem, using crowdsourcing to translate children's stories into less common languages.

Dana Hoffmann – Portico
With the market for housing rentals becoming competitive, Portico shifts the search process to a more consumer-centric approach. It provides an online platform of tenants that brings together the quality of a traditional rental broker with technological scalability.

Nathan Ie – Healogram
Inspired by his mother, founder Nathan Ie wanted to improve telemonitoring and analytics for wound care. Healogram improves the health care system by offering providers better measurement, monitoring and management solutions.

Kenny and Sean Salas – Camino Financial
Focusing on the largest and fastest-growing "underbanked" business segment in the U.S., Camino Financial is an online lending platform designed to help small businesses with limited or no credit history attain funding and move forward.

John Wise – LovePop
A shipbuilder by trade, founder John Wise is now focusing on the next generation in greeting cards. LovePop reimagines the medium and designs intricate, laser-cut pieces of art that pop out of the card.

Offering a new twist in beverage-making, Be Mixed gives consumers a chance to liven up their drinks with all-natural, zero-calorie mixers.


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