14 Apr 2016

lundí, the world's first luxury, heated smart-boots. Team members: Katie Lefkowitz (MBA 2016), Sheldon Lefkowitz

How did the idea for your company come about?

The idea for my startup came when I moved from California to Boston for school. I was shocked by the winter we had last year, and was unable to find any boots that suited what I wanted – boots that were both warm, classically styled, and customizable. So, I have developed luxury leather boots for women, that you can control the temperature of via a smartphone application.

What does your company do? How is it distinct in its product/service category?

The problem: women are not well served by current winter footwear options. Fashionable boots are not warm enough for winter climates, while snow boots are clunky, leaving the user hot & clammy once indoors. No current offerings provide temperature customization or auto-control.

Our solution: our boot features a classic design, constructed from fine leather in Italy; lundí technology is the brainchild of wearable tech experts working alongside consumers; lundí boots provide comfortable heating via a simple, user-friendly temperature control application, connected via Bluetooth 4.0 (oF/oC) settings for European and American markets).

Where do you hope to take it in the future?

In the near term, we are focused on the high end of the market. However, we believe with scale and more manufacturing experience we will be able to bring the price point down and target a wider new of customers. Moreover – the lundí team sees a highly scalable option with licensing, which we see as a possibility in the 3-year time horizon.

How has your time at HBS influenced your efforts on your company?

It has been absolutely spectacular – I can say with confidence that I would be nowhere near the level I am at without the help of HBS, and the Rock Accelerator & iLab support. Moreover, my professors have gone above and beyond to help me think through this venture – I simply cannot thank them enough.

Any advice you’d offer to other young entrepreneurs?

I know it may be cliché, but never give up. Investors may shut you down and some people may think your idea is silly. But, if you have customers, nobody can deny you’re onto something.

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