26 Nov 2013

Five Years Later: Looking Back at the Taj Heroes


On November 26, 2008, heavily armed terrorists launched a series of attacks throughout Mumbai. One of the locations under siege was the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which was occupied by the terrorists for over three days, resulting in 34 people killed and 28 injured.

Five years later, the world looks back at the bravery and resourcefulness shown by the employees of the Taj, who placed the safety of guests over their own well-being, thereby risking--and, in some cases, sacrificing--their lives.

Research conducted by Professor Rohit Deshpande, who researches both business ethics and global branding at Harvard Business School, demonstrates that this behavior was not merely a crisis response. It was instead a manifestation of the Taj Group's deeply rooted customer-centric culture, which other companies can emulate, both in extreme circumstances and during periods of normalcy.

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