24 May 2018

Leadership Fellows Excited About Upcoming Year


“I am excited to launch my post-HBS career at a renowned healthcare provider that is testing, adopting, and spreading the most promising innovations in digital health for the benefit of patients and families. As a career switcher, I used my time at HBS to work in two digital health internships and to study healthcare innovation in four elective classes, and I am honored to realize my goal of entering the healthcare world through this opportunity to learn and work at Boston Children’s Hospital this year.” -Joanna Beasley, Boston Children's Hospital

“I am grateful and truly thrilled about the opportunity at HBCDC for many reasons. First and foremost, I am proud to be coming back home to Maryland, where I grew up, to help to serve local communities and because of my belief that progress is most often made by the hard work of local actors. I am also thrilled because HBCDC is a visionary organization making real positive change, and I’m excited about the mix of grassroots action and policy-level thinking that the role entails. Finally, I will be applying my MBA skills for social good, while engaging in functions and responsibilities quite different from those in which I already have professional experience. I am grateful to HBCDC for their trust and to HBS for their incredible support to help enable the success of Leadership Fellows and participating organizations.” -Rony Brodsky, Harbor Bank of Maryland Community Development Corporation

“I have always been passionate about the transportation/mobility space and I believe that access to public transit is a great way to reduce inequality in urban areas. I am excited to combine my manufacturing background and business school knowledge to apply lean manufacturing concepts to the world of public transportation. I hope that by reducing costs and improving efficiency, we will be able to increase access to public transportation and provide a better customer experience.” -Megan Chann, MBTA

“I am incredibly excited to work with Boston Medical Center because its mission – to provide exceptional care without exception – deeply resonates with me. As an African-American, I am particularly honored to have the chance to support the health of communities of color and other vulnerable populations in the Boston area. In addition, as a cancer survivor, I look forward to improving the health of patients by applying my business skills to the healthcare system. Finally, I am eager to continue learning and growing after graduation. Boston Medical Center and the HBS Leadership Fellows Program have given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain deep healthcare industry knowledge and to continue my professional development under amazing leaders at both institutions.” -Jason Flood, Boston Medical Center

“This is exactly what I came to HBS to discover – the perfect role at the intersection of public and private sectors, balancing finance, strategy, and social good. This will be a chance to get close to the heart of an organization that I not only care about but will equip me with the practical training for future roles that HBS has been fundamental to forming. I really hope that this is the start of a career where I can have a real impact on people's lives.” -Alexander Glasner, New York Public Radio

“Educational media has been an important part of my development as I grew up moving around the world, so I am very excited to work at Sesame Workshop who has been the leader in the field for the past five decades!” -Mizuho Kanai, Sesame Workshop

“I am passionate about health and wellness and aspire to work in organizations that enable others to live healthy, happy lives. At Boston Medical Center, I get to work at a deeply mission-driven organization that provides excellent healthcare to all in need and strives to make a positive impact on the Boston community. I am excited about the opportunity to work across a range of projects to learn more about healthcare, hospital operations, health insurance, and the broader regulatory environment of healthcare today. I am sure that my year as an HBS Leadership Fellow will be an incredible learning opportunity and will allow me to make a positive impact on the lives of others.” -Hannah Kleinfeld, Boston Medical Center

“I'm really excited to work with a fantastic team at MassHealth for a truly incredible cause. MassHealth is the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program for Massachusetts. The team is currently implementing a multi-year payment and care delivery reform initiative that is one-of-a-kind in its scale and ambition, with the goal of improving the quality of care for its 1.9 million members while reducing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to the journey ahead.” -Joy Li, MassHealth

“Over the course of my time at HBS, I have been focused on answering this question: how do we create economic opportunity that is truly broadly shared? From my past experiences, I know that there is so much untapped potential in America – motivated people, who work hard, who want to succeed for themselves and their children, but are held back by the opportunity divide in this country. I am so excited by my Leadership Fellows position at Year Up because it will give me the chance to begin working to close this divide. Year Up provides a ladder between the aggregate labor market gaps and skill demands in our 21st century economy, and, young Americans seeking to maximize their own human potential. I am grateful for this chance to translate the needs of business into more inclusive and vigorous talent supply chains that can provide the foundation for shared prosperity in our country.” -Rachel Lipson, Year Up

“I came to HBS because I want to commit my career to supporting business models that make sustainable economic development profitable and scalable. I believe this must include the development of important social enterprises and greater consideration of social impacts, both within the public sector and private sector. I’m particularly excited to join BRAC and help build out their portfolio of business-oriented social enterprises because these efforts resonate strongly with my own passion for developing business models that help to solve intractable development challenges. I’m also excited about the chance to gain emerging market experience and to learn from one of the world’s leading NGOs. BRAC has an incredible reputation in their field and I’m thrilled that I will have the opportunity to contribute to the great work they are already doing! I’m very grateful to HBS for making this opportunity possible.” -Alexandra McGoodwin, BRAC USA

“Inspired by the power of private-sector principles to scale social and environmental change, I am looking forward to developing my trade as an impact investor. My interest in impact sparked when I founded my first water non-profit when I was twelve. I have since worked in politics and private equity. I am excited to join Social Finance to blend my passion for impact with my financial skills sets. The Leadership Fellows Program has given me the unique opportunity to join a cohort of motivated leaders committed to making a meaningful impact early in our careers.” -Smitha Ramakrishna, Social Finance

“I am looking forward to learning more about city government and how they can make an immediate positive impact on people's lives. The opportunity to work in Boston for Mayor Marty Walsh and his team is a great way for me to give back to my community and learn from an incredibly talented group of people.” -Ken Rowe, City of Boston Mayor's Office

“I’m excited for the opportunity that the one-year fellowship affords, and I’m appreciative for the support that HBS provides to make the program happen. Coming into business school, I didn’t think that I’d pursue a path in the public sector, but I’m most excited to explore that different path and see what I learn. More than that, I hope that I’m able to contribute to the City of Chicago and work to improve the services and programs it provides.” -Ben Samuels, City of Chicago Mayor's Office

“I love my hometown, San Jose! It is my personal mission to make it the coolest and smartest city in California! The chance to work with San Jose's Chief Innovation Officer and the Mayor on high-priority technology and innovation projects seems like a dream. I’m grateful that the Leadership Fellows Program made it such an easy choice for me. I want to make San Jose safer, more inclusive, and sustainable. Partnering with the most innovative companies, I hope we can integrate the most advanced and user-friendly technology, making the city a model around the world. I can’t wait to get started and have the chance to create high-impact in the city where I grew up!” -Denzil Sikka, City of San Jose Mayor's Office

“I’m excited for the opportunity to use the skills I built during my time at HBS to contribute towards a mission that I care deeply about: improving how government works through technology. I look forward to participating in the leadership development activities with the other Fellows and sharing our experiences and learnings from the program with each other. I hope to look back a year from now and confidently say that I have made a lasting impact on my organization.” -Jodie Sweitzer, Code for America

“I am thrilled to pivot back to my hometown of Detroit and contribute to its revitalization as a Leadership Fellow at The Kresge Foundation, the largest philanthropic funder to the city. It will be a great opportunity to utilize my MBA skills in pursuit of my passion for equitable urban development at this inflection point in the city's history. At Kresge, I look forward to diving into the work that addresses how investments and development can be made in inclusive fashion of bolstering economic activity while sustaining communities and mitigating social challenges.” -Michael Alan Williams, The Kresge Foundation

“I am excited to join the MBTA as Director of Capital Strategy just as its team has begun an aggressive capital investment program. I am confident that this experience will allow me to further explore my interest in infrastructure and transportation at such a critical time in the space – locally, nationally, and internationally – and contribute what I have learned at HBS and in my pre-MBA career to make a real difference in the T's transformation. As I plan for a career in infrastructure – where I hope to work and solve problems at the intersection of the public and private sectors – I see no better way to dive deep into the complex, multi-stakeholder, capital-intensive infrastructure environment than as a Leadership Fellow at the T.” -Kenneth Zauderer, MBTA

“While living in New York before school, I had always loved visiting the city’s museums; each has a unique identity. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to contribute to one of them. I am excited to work for the Whitney Museum because it is not just a museum of art, but also a platform for dialogue about the American identity and how that has evolved. I’m also excited to help rethink the in-person experience for an increasingly digital world.” -Jessica Zhao, Whitney Museum of Modern Art

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