25 May 2017

Leadership Fellows Excited About Upcoming Year


“I am excited to be taking on the HBS Leadership Fellow role with BRAC as it combines my interest in sustainable development and emerging markets. The opportunity to work with the leadership team of a global nonprofit will allow me to create an impact early on in my career. I will be able to utilize the skills that I have acquired at HBS to make a difference in the lives of the ultra poor in developing countries.” -Hrithik Bansal, BRAC USA

“MassIT is undergoing a significant transformation to revamp the way that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts delivers services to its constituents through technology. I am excited by the opportunity to work at MassIT over the next year. In particular, I will be able to pursue my interest in technology by developing strategies for the governance of IT and security systems across MassIT and Commonwealth agencies. I look forward to having high impact in a public sector role that involves coordination with stakeholders across the executive and legislative branches. Having lived in Boston for over six years, I am keen to have a local impact on my community through this role.” -Smitha Boyd, Massachusetts Office of Information Technology

“I am extremely excited for the opportunity to explore my passion for the performing arts. It has been my dream to create a career in the creative arts industry, combining both my business and creative backgrounds, and I hope this will be the start of an exciting path. I believe this role will give me an understanding of how an arts organization runs through being engaged across different functions. I am excited to be working with individuals passionate about ballet and the performing arts and to together build a better, stronger ABT!” -Ophelia Chua, American Ballet Theatre

“This is the opportunity I came to HBS to find. Having studied Art History and Economics as an undergraduate, I cannot think of a more relevant, timely or compelling way to spend the next year than working in strategic planning at the Whitney. I've long wondered whether there's a place for MBAs in the museum world. Now, thanks to the HBS Leadership Fellows Program, I can find out firsthand.” -Andrew Cone, Whitney Museum of American Art

“Local government is critical to healthy individuals and communities. Its work touches everyone in important ways. With this in mind I look forward to joining the City of Boston as it works hard to solve housing issues in fair and sustainable ways. My professional experiences prior to HBS were in the public sector and the retail sector. It's an incredible opportunity to be able to return to the public sector with the experience, mentors, and resources of my two years in the MBA Program.” -Margo Cramer, City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development

“It's such a great opportunity to work with the teams at the World Food Programme to achieve the goal of Zero Hunger. I am excited to work on issues of food security and sustainability, learn about regions of rapid change around the world, and help contribute to the WFP's strong mission. I am looking forward to the experience and am grateful to the UNWFP and the HBS Leadership Fellows Program for making it possible.” -Tian Feng, United Nations World Food Programme

“I deeply admire the Harlem Children’s Zone for its thoughtful and groundbreaking approach to lifting children and families in Harlem out of poverty. As a former teacher, I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to work with HCZ and alongside people who are all passionate about giving children the successful futures they deserve. I am immensely grateful to HBS and the Leadership Fellows Program for this opportunity to fuse the skills I’ve gained in the private sector with the impact I want to create in education.” -Sherri Geng, Harlem Children's Zone

"I’ve wanted to pursue a career in public service for a long time – it was always a matter of finding the right role where I felt I could make a real impact. The HBS Leadership Fellows Program represents a unique opportunity to dive into a less conventional post-MBA career path, and to have meaningful responsibility in a sector about which I care deeply. I’m looking forward to learning about and tackling the challenges that come with managing a thriving American city. I couldn’t be more excited to use what I’ve learned over the past two years to help better the lives of the people of Boston." -Steven Greene, City of Boston Mayor's Office

“I came from a management consulting background in the pharmaceutical industry and used my time at school to explore careers in healthcare services. I am extremely excited about the opportunity at Boston Children’s Hospital because it is a dual role that will let me exercise my existing muscles but also build new ones. I will be doing strategy for the hospital as well as working on digital health partnerships and learning what it takes for a product/service to succeed within a hospital system. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to explore healthcare services from the inside in a high visibility and high impact role.” -Pia Gugnani, Boston Children's Hospital

“The Leadership Fellows Program presents an opportunity to leverage my degrees from HKS and HBS to address some of today’s most intractable problems in transportation. I’ll be able to do this while serving in a senior leadership role at a forward-thinking agency under the guidance of top notch mentors and alongside a skilled team built to create change. At the same time, the HBS Leadership Fellows Program creates a cohort of graduates in similar roles at other organizations, providing an internal support network and a way to maintain access to the many resources of HBS.” -Ben Luxenberg, MBTA

“The efficient delivery of healthcare in the United States will be one of the defining social challenges of my generation, and the team at MassHealth is determined to be on the cutting edge of new policies supporting those most in need. To that end, I am excited to be part of the team launching an innovative new method of paying for healthcare, which is designed to both lower costs and improve outcomes. It is my hope that in this role, I can have the greatest possible impact on the Commonwealth where I grew up, as well as on my own career.” -Mark Margiotta, MassHealth

“I am very excited about the opportunity to spend a year working alongside senior leaders at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) who are leading the effort to revitalize Detroit. The senior team at DEGC brings rich experiences in economic development, real estate, and business development, not only in Detroit, but in cities across the U.S.; I am eager to draw on their expertise as I learn about this space. I am also looking forward to the cohort aspect of the HBS Leadership Fellows Program and the opportunity to reflect on my experience with other graduates who are pursuing work in the social sector.“ -Katie Rae Mulvey, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

“Living a healthy life is one thing that almost everybody wants. The opportunity to work at MassHealth is an incredible privilege, since we alleviate financial worry over health so that people can take some risk and lead fulfilling lives. I wanted to make an immediate impact after finishing my MBA, and the HBS Leadership Fellows Program has provided a slate of fantastic opportunities to do just that.“ -Ishan Shrestha, MassHealth

“Healthcare is my passion, and prior to coming to HBS my focus was limited to the U.S. healthcare system. Over the past two years here, my interests have broadened to the opportunities and challenges present in addressing healthcare needs globally, especially in developing nations. Through my position with the HBS Leadership Fellows Program, I’ll be able to explore this new interest and work on addressing these global health needs. It’s truly a unique chance to explore a new interest, broaden my experience base, and work to improve the lives of others.” -Justin Smith, United Nations World Food Programme

"San Jose is an incredibly exciting platform for making an impact. It's the tenth largest city in the U.S. and the home to a diverse population of a million people. Its location in Silicon Valley makes it especially well-suited for my work in technology and innovation. Finally, I'm looking forward to working closely with the city's leaders – many of whom I had the chance to meet in the last few months." -Henry Tsai, City of San Jose, Office of Mayor

“I came to HBS to further my career in the media and entertainment industry, but I never expected to find an opportunity like this. I am excited for the chance to use the skills I've developed in my earlier career and at HBS to make a difference in the lives of children across the world with strong educational content. It's a rare gift to be able to have such an impact this early in my career and I'm looking forward to the challenge.” -Verdell Walker, Sesame Workshop

“When I saw the HBS Leadership Fellows position with the MBTA, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s appealing to be part of an organization that I have grown up using, is a vital part of the Massachusetts ecosystem, and touches thousands of lives, in terms of employees and customers on a daily basis. The MBTA is in a time of change and I love to see government organizations and their leadership actively searching for and implementing new ideas and innovative solutions. I am looking forward to making my home state’s public transportation system better for those who use it.” -Aaron Whittemore, MBTA

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