23 May 2016

Leadership Fellows Excited About Upcoming Year


"I'm excited to work at an organization that funds and supports entrepreneurs challenging the status quo in the U.S. K-12 public education space. The current system is not preparing the vast majority of students for the careers and lives they aspire to have, and this is especially true for students of color in low-income communities. The entrepreneurs NewSchools Venture Fund supports are designing innovative schools, building the tools and services those schools need to be successful, and increasing the diversity of the talent pipeline in education such that leadership is more reflective of the students being served." -Melissa Beck, NewSchools Venture Fund

"I am committed to a career of public service and community building, and I firmly believe in the power of local government. The opportunity for impact, the impact on analytics and the emphasis on improving everyday lives is what first attracted me to the Mayor's office. As I met the team, I was further impressed by the caliber of people and the passion they too shared for the City of Boston. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with this team and to work together to improve a city I love, a city that I'm lucky to call home." -Casey Brock-Wilson, City of Boston, Mayor’s Office

"I am excited to work alongside leaders at the World Food Programme and to focus on shaping and implementing its strategic mission. The fellowship will be a great opportunity to live in a foreign country and to immerse myself in a work culture where my peers share a common sense of purpose." -Claudia Castelino, United Nations World Food Programme

"I am excited about working in an organization that has a mission as strong as the United Nations and the World Food Programme, and where I am sure I will be able to give something back to society, given how lucky I have been so far in my life. I am confident it is going to be an amazing experience, and one I hope is the starting step of a new stage in my career." -Jonathan Dannevig, United Nations World Food Programme

"I’m thrilled that I’m about to join the Strategy and Digital Health team at a world-renowned hospital during a time when healthcare is rapidly changing. The team’s mandate is to have an impact on children’s health via digital initiatives. I’ll be in a unique role working with talented people on interesting and important problems and opportunities. I’m excited about the interdisciplinary nature of the team and the impact we can have on the lives of many children and families." -Sara Gentile, Boston Children’s Hospital

"I’m excited about the Leadership Fellows program because it provides an opportunity for students to have a high impact and unparalleled access to leaders and institutions in the non-profit space. Personally, I’ve always had a passion for art and didn’t realize that opportunities like this would be available right after graduating from HBS. The Leadership Fellows program has given me the opportunity to have an immediate impact on a preeminent organization in the arts world, and I’m greatly looking forward to what this year brings." -Tyler Harris, Whitney Museum of American Art

"This is an incredible opportunity to play an active role in shaping an organization that I have always admired. Coming into HBS I knew that I wanted to work in the performing arts, and the Leadership Fellows has allowed me to do just that, in a position that is a perfect match for both my interests and skills. I’m excited about putting my MBA education to the test in the world of performing arts. Most of all, I’m excited about being given the opportunity to do something significant in the sector that I am most passionate about." -Dan Kaplan, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"The Leadership Fellows program is an incredible opportunity, and I am very grateful to be a part of it. It can be difficult to find positions that leverage the MBA skill set in the public and non-profit sectors. The Leadership Fellows program shapes relevant positions for MBAs while also providing Fellows with access to senior leadership. Staring in July, I'll be joining the City of Boston, in the Department of Neighborhood Development, where I'll work on affordable housing and tenant protection. I'm most excited to learn from my future coworkers, to use my MBA to give back to my community, and to be a part of the team that is helping to preserve affordable housing for residents of the City of Boston." -Michele Lewkowitz, City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development

"I am most excited about the opportunity to utilize my pre-MBA skills and everything I’ve learned over the past 2 years at HBS to make a real difference in the world straight out of grad school. The Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) is an amazing organization focused on expanding opportunities for Latino individuals, the largest growing minority within the US, and getting more Latino role models in other high impact non-profits across the US. I can’t wait to use my consulting background, non-profit volunteer experience, and Spanish language skills to make a tangible difference both within ALPFA and the Latino population as a whole." -Patty McCormick, ALPFA

"It is an extremely exciting time to work in healthcare—especially within a safety net hospital where accountable care organization reforms will benefit those most in need. My family members and I have relied on similar hospitals for our healthcare needs so I am personally invested in BMC’s mission. I’m eager to use the skills I’ve learned at HBS and relevant insights from personal experiences to create value for BMC’s patients." -Mickey Millar, Boston Medical Center

"HCZ is an opportunity for me to use the skills I refined and developed here at HBS to make an impact in my community right away. Domestic poverty and structural inequality is often overlooked in what needs to be addressed to make our country more inclusive and access more equal. I am hoping to be part of a very necessary paradigm shift." -Alterrell Mills, Harlem Children’s Zone

"I’m very excited for this opportunity to work for Coalition for Queens, whose mission is to foster the Queens tech entrepreneurial ecosystem to increase economic opportunity and transform the world’s most diverse community into a leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Before undergrad at Virginia Tech, I never knew what engineering was. Yet, through tons of support and perseverance, I continued to graduate as the only black woman computer engineer of my class. Although I strayed away a bit from software development, I never lost my love for tech and was never far from it throughout my career. In my HBS essay, I wrote about my personal mission to increase the number of minorities in STEM (albeit a mission that originated from my involvement with NSBE) through entrepreneurship. C4Q is the perfect opportunity to fulfill my personal mission, stay close to entrepreneurship, and help people to achieve upward economic mobility through tech!" -Shemeka Neville, Coalition for Queens

"I have been passionate about the Robin Hood mission to fight poverty in New York since becoming a New Yorker after college. Beyond the mission, Robin Hood's methods of supporting and expanding the most effective poverty fighting programs and organizations in the city inspire me. I am excited to take on the role of Director of Strategy to work with the Robin Hood staff to figure out the future direction of the organization." -Joanna Pucci, Robin Hood Foundation

"Cities can't prosper unless they have affordable, effective public transportation to connect their residents with families, jobs, doctor's appointments, birthday parties, grocery runs, and all the other snippets of daily life. The MBTA moves 1.3 million people in the Boston metropolitan area every day, and I'm excited to be a part of a new team that's making the system more effective, more efficient, and easier to use for our customers. I came to HBS to make an impact on both the public and private sectors, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to help bring the MBTA - the nation's oldest public transit system - into the future, and help build a better city in the process." -Evan Rowe, MBTA

"I’m really excited for my role as Director of Transportation Innovation at the MBTA as it truly feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. It gives me the opportunity to come in and contribute to and run part of an organization from day one, it gives me an opportunity to put into practice all that I’ve learned before and during my time at school, it gives me a chance to reconnect to my interests in cities and transportation, and, just as important as the rest, it gives me a chance to give back to the community around me. Both the depth and breadth that this role will expose me to makes this a special first job post-MBA." -Ben Schutzman, MBTA

"I'm excited about this opportunity to get closer to the issues that I care about. I hope to discover the intricacies of urban economic development and figure out the best path forward for me to be an agent of change." -Jade Smith, Kresge Foundation

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