06 Nov 2019

Lawrence S. Bacow Message to the Community


Dear Members of the HBS Community,

In light of his announcement earlier today, I write to express my deep appreciation to Nitin Nohria for his superlative service over the past decade as dean of Harvard Business School.

For much of his academic career, Nitin has been an expert on effective leadership, and his own tenure as dean has been a case study in putting that expertise into practice. He has led HBS with vision and wisdom, a canny sense of organizational dynamics, a humane concern for others, and a relish for innovation. He has affirmed HBS’s longstanding commitment to educating leaders who will make a difference in the world, while pursuing that mission in imaginative new ways. With his colleagues, he has worked to renew the School’s curricula and teaching methods, to build the faculty and amplify the impact of their research, to broaden HBS’s global reach, and to enhance the sense of community and connectedness among students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

In all this, Nitin has been guided by a set of core values and a devotion to doing what is right, both for his School and for the people who are its lifeblood. His leadership has benefited not only HBS but the University more broadly. He has drawn HBS into new academic collaborations with other parts of Harvard. He has been a generous mentor and advisor to colleagues University-wide as well as a highly influential voice in our Academic Council. He has worked to attract essential support not just for HBS but for other Harvard schools. And within the past year he has taken on a central role in planning for the University’s envisioned enterprise research campus in Allston—a role in which I’m very pleased he will continue.

Provost Garber and I will soon launch a search for the next dean of HBS, and we will have more to say about that process in the time ahead. For today, I hope you will join me in recognizing an extraordinary human being for his extraordinary leadership. All of us owe Nitin our admiration and thanks.

All the best,

P.S. If you have advice on the future opportunities and challenges facing HBS, or on the deanship, you may send them to me, in confidence, at hbsdeansearch@harvard.edu. (The special email account will be activated on November 7.)

Lawrence S. Bacow
Harvard University

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