21 Apr 2020

BEI’s Jennifer Nash Named to Inaugural Class of the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis

Jennifer Nash
Photo: Susan Young

Business and Environment Initiative Director Jennifer Nash has been named to the first group of the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis, from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) and The OpEd Project, whose mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world.

Specifically, the Fellowship is part of The OpEd Project’s national Public Voices initiative to change who writes history. It is also part of YPCCC’s work to diversify and amplify the voices working to build public and political will for climate change action.

The fellows were selected from more than 650 applicants, making selection extremely competitive and challenging. They demonstrate high-powered thought leadership in a variety of ways including community organizing, film, public speaking, and public writing.

Jennifer was chosen for the work she’s done partnering with faculty to establish and implement the BEI’s strategy and program portfolio. In her time at HBS, she has worked with faculty and staff to launch numerous projects that spark business action to address climate change including the “Climate Rising” podcast; the “Confronting Climate Change: From Business as Usual to Business as Vital” exhibit for MBA students; and a series of eight alumni convenings in cities throughout the United States on business leadership in the age of climate change.

“I am deeply concerned about climate change – about what it means for my children and grandchildren, for my city and country and global community, and especially for people whose lives are already stressed by lack of food and water, shelter, and opportunity,” Jennifer said when commenting on her reasons for joining the Fellowship. “Rather than despair, I am joining forces with a diverse group of climate activists so I can learn from their perspectives and experiences in order to help strengthen HBS’s leadership position related to climate change.”

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