27 May 2020

HBS Student COVID-19 Task Force - End of Year Review


Hello all,

Congratulations on finishing exams and wrapping up the semester. The HBS Student COVID-19 Task Force wants to thank this entire community - students, faculty, and staff - for coming together to support each other and finding new ways to give back during these challenging times. Your efforts have truly made an impact. Here are some highlights:

    - Led by the Social Enterprise Club, HBS Clubs across campus came together to donate over $180,000 to a variety of local and international charities.

    - This inspired the HBS Show, HBS Got Talent, HOTS, and the HBS Comedy Night, to solicit donations in lieu of ticket sales, raising an additional $28,000

    - Countless faculty donated their time to conduct virtual Zoom learning sessions, culminating in the HBS Front Row Summer Series

    - The MBA1200 collected more than $108,800 from MBA students across the country to support local organizations.

    - Over 20% of HBS students volunteered to support an organization through MBAs Fight COVID-19, which now has 600+ students across chapters at GSB, Ross, Kellogg, Wharton, Georgetown, Tuck, and BU (see project highlights here). 100+ students helped more than 300 apply for critical federal funding through our Small Business Strike Team.

    - The SA launched the HBS SA COVID-19 website with physical and mental health resources, volunteer opportunities, academic and career support, and news and community announcement, going live just one week after classes switched to virtual.

    - For the first time in its ten year history, RCs & ECs together were introduced to the MBA Oath. RC Oath Ambassadors organized sectionmates to volunteer on MBAsFightCOVID projects together, building community and living the mission virtually.

    - Since spring break, Community Vs. COVID-19 has connected over 22k people to critical resources. They’ve deployed $30k in donated ad spend, facilitated $50k in donations, and created a device donation program servicing schools.

    - The Harbus published an open letter authored by HBS ECs to corporate leaders about fair treatment of their front-line workers during times of crisis. Signed by 1200+ MBAs from across the country, the letter is being distributed to Fortune 500 CEOs and seeking wider publication.

Additionally, many HBS startups have been created to support the hardest hit communities. Thank you to everyone for your hard work on startup endeavors, including CommunityVs, LivelyHood, GiftForward, Corona Comments, Grocery Outpost, PPEople First, and more.

There are too many task force contributors to thank by name, but a few deserve a special shoutout - in particular, the SA leadership team of Gaby Goldstein, Connor Cash, Billy Tabrizi, Annie Plachta, and Caleb Bradford.

What’s next? HBS student-specific components of the task force will continue next year, led by Rebecca Cink, the VP of Citizenship and Social Impact. Many of the initiatives that began this spring will continue independently.

We are overwhelmed by the support that we have felt from this community over the past two months. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success.

With gratitude,
Sarika & Amina

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