28 Jan 2014

Life Lessons from Harvard Business School’s Inspiring Women Alumnae


In connection with Harvard Business School's celebration of “50 years of women at HBS” (HBS W50), the HBS Association of Northern California honored 114 alumnae leaders in the Bay Area on Monday, January 27. The women have made an impact through their leadership roles in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, while also volunteering time to give back to the broader community.

To commemorate the event and to honor the women, the school’s Northern California alumni club has put together a compelling book of profiles on the alumnae. The accomplishments told in these stories span six decades—from the late 1950s to the near present. These women are entrepreneurs, consultants, venture capitalists, and moms, and their stories reflect the exuberance and the disappointments of life, success and failure, love and betrayal, and the importance of overcoming one’s fears and unexpected disasters. In their own way, each “leaned in” long before the idea became a phrase adorning a bestseller.


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