13 May 2020

HBS Green Team Newsletter - May Edition


HBS EarthFest 2020 Recap
Last month HBS hosted Earthfest 2020, inviting community members to virtually participate in a variety of sustainability-themed events and activities throughout the month of April. There were virtual talks on everything from Sustainable Nutrition, Beehives & Business, to Green Roofs & Gardening. A Climate Art Tour and social media Pantry Challenge were also part of the mix, as were discussions on corporate accountability with Climate Voice and the Future of Food, with Imperfect Foods and Impossible Foods. HBS Earthfest 2020 was the result of planning efforts by HBS Connects, HBS Sustainability, HBS Business and Environment Initiative, the MBA Student Sustainability Associates and Sustainability Club, Shad Fitness, and the HBS Green Team.

You can find all of the HBS Earthfest content on our Teams page.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, the HBS Business & Environment Initiative newsletter featured current MBA students who have shown leadership in helping business and society—and HBS—become more sustainable through their career choices, student club leadership, and by shaping the student education experience.

Staff Spotlight
In this special Earth Day episode of Staff Stories, HBS Green Teamers Katherine Haynes and Laurence Tardiani shared how they are taking climate action at home and at work.

Facilities Spotlight
HBS Facilities has been hard at work reducing energy consumption and campus costs during the School’s transition to remote learning and working. Heating, cooling, and lighting systems have been optimized for efficiency, while still maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for those remaining on campus. During the first month of working from home, Facilities found energy efficiency opportunities that resulted in an energy savings of approximately 26% compared to last April (2019). If you have any suggestions on conserving campus energy during the pandemic, please email sustainability@hbs.edu or add it to our Energy Reduction Ideas file.

Green Tip: Take the Stairs
Register Now
The 12th annual Harvard-wide Take the Stairs Movement Campaign runs through Friday, May 29. Sign up now with your friends, family, co-workers for a virtual “hiking” challenge using your Harvard Key. This year’s Virtual Climbing Goal is to complete the Appalachian Trail across the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut for a total distance of 735 miles.

Sustainability in the News
- Fighting Climate Change Requires a New Capitalism: Tackling one of the biggest crises of our time—climate change—demands leaders embrace a new vision of business, argues Rebecca Henderson.

- COVID-19’s Hard Lessons Might Prepare Business for Climate Change: HBS Business and Environment Initiative experts on how the coronavirus crisis might change the way companies think about sustainability.

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