31 Jul 2020

Following Along: Instagram Accounts to Follow For COVID-19 Updates


by Ashley Wheeler

Yikes—the school year is right around the corner! With so many changes and updates at Harvard Business School (HBS), it can be challenging to stay current. There are many ways to get updates and information—have you considered following some of your favorite groups on Instagram?

That’s right. With more than 1 billion active and 500,000 daily users, chances are if you are under the age of 35, like 71 percent of all users, you too are checking in on Instagram almost daily! Here are a few HBS Instagram accounts to follow for updates:

@HarvardHBS: This is the central Harvard Business School account. For COVID-19 purposes, any public updates, announcements, or actions from the Dean or Harvard University will be shared here.

@shadhbs: Our campus fitness center shares COVID-19 safety updates, virtual workouts, and other health tips. Whether you are on campus or still working from home, there is a fitness option for you.

@hbs_eats: Check out the dining menu, learn how to order sandwiches for pickup, and preview new dining hall traffic patterns.

@harvard: Updates from President Bacow and other University-wide announcements come from this main Harvard University account, which also highlights major findings or happenings from other University schools.

These accounts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to HBS Instagram accounts. Visit our social media page to follow accounts from Admissions, Alumni, HBS Online, Executive Education, and more!

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