Faculty Offer Words of Wisdom for Graduates
Faculty teaching in the MBA program elective curriculum offer advice to their students as they head out to make a difference in the world.
19 May 2016  

As second-year MBA students prepare for Commencement on Thursday, May 26, we asked members of the faculty what those students should keep front-of-mind as they head out to make a difference in the world. Their responses are offered below:

“We focus on your head and your heart in the MBA classroom, on the need to think strategically and make a difference that gives your life meaning. But there's another ‘corporal’ resource you'll need to sustain the work ahead: a strong stomach. Grit, resilience, the will to get back up when the world knocks you down. These parts of you are just as important to your ability to lead. Honor them.” –Frances Frei

“Don’t expect to get things right all the time. You will make mistakes. We all do. But you will be fine in the end – despite them.” –Rebecca Henderson

“Management sets the tone. In any organization that you have the opportunity to lead, you can have a powerful influence by the tone that you set, the messages that you communicate audibly and through your actions. You will get the type of organization that you want — and deserve.” –Willy Shih

“Climate change is an overwhelming problem facing the world. There are many public policy and private adjustments to make that could help keep our grandchildren safe and secure. This is everyone’s problem, and responsibility.” –Dick Vietor


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