26 Nov 2013
Entrepreneurship at HBS is Soaring to New Heights

Ask any of the founders behind Harvard Business School’s most successful startups — from car-sharing service RelayRides to website optimizer CloudFlare — and they’ll all point to the support and resources provided by the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School in helping them get their business off the ground.

With programs like the Rock Accelerator Program and New Venture Competition, and resources like early-stage idea feedback and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, the Rock Center has seen a surge of entrepreneurial activity in the last decade. There are currently more than 30 faculty members who focus on this area of research and course development, and more than 20% of the courses students take in their second-year all-elective curriculum are entrepreneurship-related.

When asked why HBS is flying high in entrepreneurship, Prof. Tom Eisenmann says, “It’s courses, it’s the entrepreneurship center, it’s the ecosystem, it’s role models, it’s admissions...” He also notes the access to sources of funding: “If you’re working on a business and you can push it far enough while you’re in the MBA program, you’re in a place where you’re rarely more than a phone call or an email away from somebody in several VC firms.”

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