14 Apr 2016



Churnul is a digital labor market and liquid workforce solution. Team members: Rahkeem Morris (MBA 2017), Michael Chalhoub (MBA 2017), Charles Liu

How did the idea for your company come about?

Rahkeem worked on-demand and fast food jobs full-time from the age of 14 to 19 and always wanted to improve work conditions. He began developing an idea for a technology-based on-demand workforce before enrolling at Harvard, where he joined Charles and Michael who were essential in accelerating and refining the idea to its current state which now includes elements such as machine learning and advanced networking.

What does your company do? How is it distinct in its product/service category?

Churnul (churn + null) enables employers to effortlessly implement a liquid workforce solution that is designed to reduce employee turnover in low complexity roles. Churnul finds optimal employee-workplace matches while facilitating an exceptionally agile workforce.

Where do you hope to take it in the future?

We’ve planned for and designed Churnul to fundamentally change the way in which every business will staff and manage their entire workforce. We’re working hard to shape the future of work.

How has your time at HBS influenced your efforts on your company?

The founding team assembled as a result of HBS coordinated events and through class section. We’ve found that professors are unbelievably accessible and always have great ideas to propel your business forward. The case study method is fantastic for developing your entrepreneurial venture as nearly every case and discussion has an element that is useful for executing your business.

Any advice you’d offer to other young entrepreneurs?

Developing an entrepreneurial venture idea that successfully identifies a market opportunity is analogous to a PhD candidate pursuing a breakthrough for his dissertation. The more ambitious your idea, the longer the process of research and introspection. It's easy to get discouraged and decide not to pursue your idea. It took us at least 9 months. You’ve cleared your oral defense when while conducting primary research, prospective clients begin to ask to purchase your service without prompting.

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