12 Mar 2021

Cold Call: Women's History Month


In honor of Women's History Month 2021, we'd like to highlight episodes from Cold Call, the official podcast of Harvard Business School, featuring female protagonists and female faculty members.

Female Protagonists

Fostering Authenticity and Employee Engagement at John Deere

As the first Black female factory manager at John Deere, Rosalind Fox must figure out how to build relationships with her staff, who are mostly white men.

Developing Resilience on the Path to Becoming a CEO

As a Black female CEO, Shellye Archambeau is no stranger to adversity. Now she faces her most critical leadership decision.

The Challenges of Commercializing Fertility

What would an egg-freezing service sell ­– and to whom?

How to Launch a New Biosciences Product: Start Small or Dive in?

Should C16 Biosciences roll out its lab-grown palm oil in the personal care market, or tap into booming demand for lab-grown food?

Female Faculty

A Family Business at a Crossroads: Scaling and Succession

How should India-based Gera Developments scale their family real estate development business?

Examining Race and Mass Incarceration in the United States

How could reform address the current and historical dimensions of the racial disparities that define the U.S. criminal justice system?

Using Empathy and Curiosity to Overcome Differences

Can Bill Riddick help Black and white community leaders overcome their differences and integrate local schools in 1970s North Carolina?

Using Behavioral Science to Improve Well-Being for Social Workers

Is it possible to use non-cash rewards and recognition to improve social workers’ well-being?

Evaluating Innovative Health Care Solutions for Obesity

Which health care innovations will do the most good for society and yield the best business results?

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