11 Jan 2023

MBA Students Explore Capitalism in Italy

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The Immersive Field Course (IFC) “Italy; Capitalism – Past, Present, and Future” explores the role of Italy in the birth of modern capitalism, including the history of double-entry accounting and its impact on trade and the arts. Students get a firsthand look at Baker Library’s Medici Collection, including more than 150 ledgers and other manuscript volumes from the late 14th to the early 18th century, which shed extraordinary light on the business and personal activities of six generations of one branch of Florence’s Medici family. In January, students travel to Italy, visiting Milan, the country’s economic capital, and Florence, the “cradle of the Renaissance” and home to many famous luxury brands. Professor Arthur Segel narrates the video and co-teaches the course with Professor Sophus Reinert. Professor Dante Roscini was instrumental in developing the course and is traveling with students to run many of the sessions in Italy.

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